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Lithgow is a city which is located on the western slopes of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. The city is located very close to Sydney and it takes just 2 hours from Lithgow. The city of Lithgow comprises of the towns of the towns of Lithgow, Portland, Wallerawang and many other local villages. Lithgow city is a great tourist destination spot which draws thousands of visitors every year.

The Lithgow city was named by Hamilton Hume, in honour of the Governor of Brisbane’s private secretary, William Lithgow, in the year1827. The first European settlers on the Valley of Lithgow appeared on 1824. By the 1860, only four more families came and settled in the region. It was only after that the western railway line was set up in 1869 that the city of Lithgow prospered. Thereafter coal and mining industries came up in the city which however, saw a decline during the Second World War. Lithgow has a remarkable and prosperous heritage and is completely surrounded by nature.

Lithgow experiences a cool, mountainous type of climate which is characterised by 25ºC and winter temperatures dropping down to 12ºC or lesser. The region receives an annual rainfall of 863mm and on an average has 123 rainy days.

Lithgow city has a well-developed transport system of rail, road and buses. The city is well-served by the Zig-Zag railway, which was the first rail link between the western region of New South Wales and other Australian cities. CityRail railway also serves the city and connects it to Sydney. There is a private bus service which plies to different parts of the Lithgow city. Special bus tours are also organised for tourists on a weekly or daily basis.

Lithgow has a rich cultural scenario represented by the museums and artistic galleries. The Old Lithgow Pottery, Artist Shed Gallery, Honeysuckle Gallery, Hartley Valley Gallery and The Stone Mosaic Gallery are some of the places where one can get a feel of the true art and culture of Lithgow and Australian arts.

Lithgow has an extensive area devoted to national parks which draw many Sydney residents for a weekend trip. Some of the renowned tourist national parks and forests of Lithgow are:
  • Capertee Valley
  • Blue Mountains National PArk
  • Newness Plateau
  • Wollemi National Park
  • Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust
  • Hartley Historic Village
  • Grose Valley
  • Gardens of Stone National Park
  • Glow Worm Tunnel
Apart from these, there are various other tourist attraction spots in Lithgow which include Lake Lyell, Wallerawang, Bowenfels Cashmere, Archvale Trout Farm, Mount Piper Energy Expo, Blue Mountains Region, Jannei Goat Diary and Belgrave Park Alpaca Stud. Lithgow also has a variety of outdoor recreational options like camping, mountaineering, horse riding, swimming, fishing, sailing, bushwalking, hang gliding and orienteering.

Lithgow also has a wide range of restaurants which offer Thai, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Australian and various international cuisines. Some of the renowned restaurants are Blue Sky, Lithgow Palace Chinese restaurant, The Comet Inn, Collitt’s Inn, Cockatoo Cabin, Secret Creek Café and Restaurant, Wonder Thai, Blue Sky and Bushman’s Bistro among many others.

Lithgow offers a variety of accommodation options like hotels, motels, caravan, cottages and cabins. Some of the well-known accommodations in Lithgow are:
  • Court House Hotel
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Lansdowne Hotel
  • Lithgow Hotel
  • The Bowen Hill Motel
  • Parkside Motor Inn
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