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Morwell is a small city located in the state of Victoria in Australia. The city falls within the Gippsland region and it is also the federal division of this city. The geographic coordinates of Morwell are 38o14' South and 146o24' east respectively. The administration of this city is taken care by the Latrobe City Council and the city of Morwell is right at its center.

The first Europeans explored city of Morwell in the first half of the nineteenth century. Before the infiltration of the Europeans the region was inhabited by the aboriginal tribes. The name of the city is also derived from the aboriginal language. The town however was formed in the decade of 1870s when it was connected by the rail line. In the later part of the 19th century the main industries in this town were pottery, butter factory and brick factory. The discovery of the coal mine and the power station attached to it led to the further development of the city in the beginning of the 20th century.

The climate of Morwell is moderate. The average yearly precipitation is around 801 millimeter and this rainfall takes place mainly during the four months in the year from June to October. There is very less amount of the rain during the summers.

The Morwell city is a major industrial and power generation center in Australia. This industrial and economic growth has also led to the influx of people. In 1996 census the population of Morwell was about twenty two thousand. The industrial development had led to the growth of regional airport and railway lines. The population of the city grew significantly after the Second World War when Australia was experiencing exceptional influx of migrants from all over the world. The development in the sporting area, educational services and relatively moderate lifestyle has made this city a perfect place to live.

Morwell is not a big tourist attraction. Many people visit this city for official purpose and the main hotel in this city is Comfort Inn Hazelwood. Apart from this there are also a number of motels in this city like,
  • Farnham Court Motel
  • Mid Valley Motel
  • Del Spana Motor Inn
  • Morwell Southside Motel
The main places of attraction in the city are Power Works coal mining, Morwell Centenary Rose Garden and Latrobe Regional Gallery. Morwell Centenary Rose Garden has almost two thousand rose plants. An exciting place near Morwell is the Hazelwood Cooling Pondage which has boating facility in it. The Morwell National Park which is adorned with numerous lakes is also very near to the city. The Hazelwood Mine and Jeeralang Power Station are the two most favourite places in Morwell.

Latrobe Regional Airport is the nearest airport from which Morwell can be visited. It also has its very own railway station and number of highways.
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