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The city of Geraldton is located in the Western part of Australia on the picturesque Batavia coast. This city is famous world wide for the exotic seafood especially the rock lobster. The city is also a favourite with the surfers for the magnificent waves and wind. Geraldton city is nicknamed as ‘Sun City’. The administration of the city of Geraldton-Greenough is taken care of by the council. There are commissioners and the chief executive officer who are within this council.

The climate of Geraldton is of Mediterranean type and there are four seasons in the city. The temperature is moderate all throughout the year with cool winters and hot summers. The cool sea breezes in the summer nights bring respite to the residents. The best time to visit is during spring when the city is adorned by various colourful flowers.

In the mid nineteenth century the first batch of European settlers came in to the city. The fertile land and the potential port area was the reason behind the growth of the city. Presently tourism is the most important feature of this city and fishing industry is also developing side by side.

The city of Geraldton is not only gifted with the golden beaches but also has the Chapman Valley and the Morsey hills to its north. The other attraction which lies very near to this city are Houtman Abrolhos Islands which is well known around the world for the mines and the mysteries attached to it.

Geraldton is well connected by land, rail and air. The city is just 424 kilometers from the Perth and it takes just four and half hours by road. There are regular bus services to this city from Perth.

Tourism is integrally related to the town of Geraldton. The visitors can indulge in various activities like windsurfing, diving, water sports, fishing and swimming. A lazy walk on the beaches is also a good choice or one can also play beach volleyball. Chapman Valley Fishing Park, Ellendale Pool, Hampton Arms, Aquarena, HMAS Sydney Memorial and Queens Park Theatre are the major attractions of this area. Some of the beaches of Geraldton are Southgates Beach, Flat Rocks, Greenrough River Beach, Lucy’s Beach and Glenfield Beach. Geraldton Museum, Walkaway Railway station Museum and The Pioneer Museum are the three museums in the city.

As tourism in Geraldton is a very significant thing there are numerous accommodation facilities like hotels, lodges, bed& breakfast and resorts. Some of the hotels in Geraldton are:
  • Hampton Arms Inn
  • Leylandii Lodge
  • Champion Bay Bed & Breakfast
  • Rock of Ages Bed & Breakfast
  • Golden Pound Retreat
  • Holiday Rental
  • Batavia Motor Inn
  • Achillies cottage
While in Geraldton one should make it a point to enjoy the rock crabs which is the specialty of the region. This place is famous for its wineries which produce some of the best wines. Boatshed restaurant, Skeetas Restaurant and A Cheap Snack are few restaurants in this city.
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