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Bathurst, a historical region is located in the state of New South Wales. This city boasts of the first European settlement of this country and has the evidence of this exposure embedded in its every nook and corner. This city by the Macquarie River was established in the year 1815. The city of Bathurst is the oldest inland city in Australia. The city was formed before the commencement of the gold rush and it was during the middle of the 19th century it witnessed exceptional growth. This regional city is currently the most prospective one in the country as it is located near Sydney which is now one major city in Australia and also in the world.

Before the coming of the Europeans the region of Bathurst was occupied by the aboriginals, the founder of the city is Governor Lanchlan Macquaire and was named after a British colonial secretary. Though there was initial resistance by the natives they were not successful. The main boom in the economy and population was noticed during the period of gold rush. Railway lines were connected to this region from Sydney during this time period.

Bathurst is located on the Central Tableland area and is a landlocked city. It has moderate type of climate with annual average temperature ranging from 6.7 degree Celsius to 19.8 degree Celsius. There is about 631.7 millimeter of rainfall each year on an average.

Bathurst is a tranquil and serene place to live in. The simple lifestyle and the amiable citizens can also make a visit to this place memorable. The city is connected to Sydney by highways and railways and the journey here is very easy and convenient. It only takes two and half hours to reach Bathurst from Sydney by road. The two highways are Mitchell Highways, Great Western Highways and Mid Western Highways.

The places of must visit in Bathurst are Miss Trailís House, Old Government cottage, Bathurst Regional Gallery, Bathurst Gaol, Bathurst Observatory and Chifley Home. There is an excellent inter city bus service which will provide a comfortable travel for the tourists. While in this city the tourists should make it a point to take a ride in the Cobb&Co. Coach and also experience the Bathurst Miniature railway. The Mount Panorama and Miss Traillís House and Garden can be visited to view the natural splendors of the city. The kids in the family can have a gala time in the Machattie Park.

There are ample options of accommodations in this city. There are cottages, apartments, inn and hotels. Winter Rose Cottage and Bathurst Farmstay are the two most famous accommodations in the city.

The city is famous for Australian Ornithological Conference which takes place each year twice. It would be better to plan a vacation to this city during the Mount Panorama racing weekends.
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