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Thuringowa is a city located in the state of Queensland, Australia. The city lies within the federal division of Herbert and Kennedy. This city is also referred to as the ‘Twin Cities’ by many as it is very near to the city of Townsville. The geographic coordinates of the city of Thuringowa is 19o19'South and 146o44'East. The Thuringowa division was established in 1879 through a Divisional Boards Act but it got a status of a city only in 1st January 1986. The first settlement here took place in the mid nineteenth century when Australia was experiencing huge influx from England. In 1902 the Thuringowa division was renamed shires through a Local Authorities Act. In 1918 the Thuringowa shire was transformed in to a rural shire as most of its urban regions were given to the neighboring Townsville. This region gained importance during the Second World War and since 1960 there was significant infrastructural and population growth.

The Thuringowa city has a tropical type of climate. Most of the rainfall occurs during the summer months and the winters are generally dry. The temperature does not drop significantly during the winter and the weather is mostly dry.

The council of Thuringowa is responsible for the administration and governance of the city. The current mayor of the city is Les Tyrell and there are ten councilors with him who are elected from the constituencies in the two divisions of the city. The statutory and select committees also help in the administration of the city.

The major places of attractions in Thuringowa are the Toolakea Beach, Big Crystal Creek, Little Crystal Creek, Saunders Beach, Lake Ross, Balgal Beach, Ross River, Pioneer Park, Paluma Range National Park, Bluewater Park, Mount Spec and Budhland Beach. There are also numerous arts and entertainment centers in this city like Barra Fishing farm, Reading Cinemas, Freckles fun factory, Dairy Farmers Stadium, Riverway and Kirwan Tenpin Bowling. The Riverway has some of the greatest natural locations like Ross Park, Loam Island, Apex Park and Ross River dam. Bird watching and camping are two favourite activities of the tourists and residents of Thuringowa.

There are numerous motels hotels, resorts, caravan parks and inns in Thuringowa. The names of some of the accommodations in this city are:
  • Balgal Beach Holiday Units
  • Ivy Cottage
  • Paluma Rainforest Cottages
  • Upper Ross Hotel
  • Rollingstone Hotel
  • Willows Golf and Tourist Resort
The tourists in Thuringowa can shop and enjoy local delicacies in the numerous shopping centers and restaurants here. MountView Plaza, Upper Ross Shopping Centre, Sunland Plaza and Canon Park City Centre are some of the shopping centers. Some of the restaurants and fast food joints in this city are Cactus Jacks Bar and Grill, Masala Indian Cuisine, Mount View Café and Takeaway, Ocean Palms Bistro, Hungry Jacks, Hog’s Breath Café and Nanking Restaurant
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