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Queanbeyan is the largest city in the south-eastern part of New South Wales and is located just 15 minutes away from the Parliament House at Canberra. The Queanbeyan city is also very close to Sydney and it takes just 10 minutes from the Canberra International Airport to reach this place. Queanbeyan is one of the fastest growing inland cities of New South Wales. The growth of population in each year is about 3% and the current population is about 37,000.

The Queanbeyan city was originally owned by Timothy Beard and was then a small area. The original name of the city was Quinbean which meant “clear waters”. The Queanbeyan city was officially proclaimed as a township in the year 1838 and became a municipality in 1885. Gradually the city started developing and many industries came up in the region.

Queanbeyan enjoys a temperate type of climate with four distinct seasons. While the summer is relatively hot the winter temperatures drop down, but it is not chilly and unbearable. The summer temperature generally soar up to 30ºC and in winters it drops down to 3ºC or lesser. On an average there is 600 millimetres of rainfall in the city.

Queanbeyan city is well-accessible from all major Australian cities. It is well-served by coach and train services and lies just 10 minutes away from the Canberra Airport. The Queanbeyan city also has an extensive road network which includes Hume and Barton Highways, Monaro Highway, King’s Highway and Federal Highways connecting the city to Sydney, Victoria and other cities. Queanbeyan lies only 8 kilometres from the Canberra International Airport and has regular flight services from Sydney, Melbourne and other significant cities. Queanbeyan city can also be reached by buses which ply from Canberra to Queanbeyan on a regular basis.

The Queanbeyan Art Gallery is the place where one can get a taste of the cultural past of Queanbeyan. The Gallery organises various exhibitions every month which is open for public viewing. Many cultural festivals are organised in Queanbeyan all year round which are very popular with the tourists.

Queanbeyan has many parks which are very beautiful and great tourist spots. Few of them are Bicentennial Park, Sister City Park, Queanbeyan Park, Moore Park, Apex Park and Queen Elizabeth Park. Some of the popular tourist destination spots of Queanbeyan city are:
  • Molonglo Gorge
  • Googong Foreshores
  • Queanbeyan Aquatic Centre
  • Queanbeyan Printing Museum
  • London Bridge
  • Queanbeyan and District Historical Museum
Queanbeyan city also has many shopping malls and retail stores where one could find things of their own choice. The city also has a pulsating dining culture witnessed in the restaurants and cafes where one can find his favourite cuisine. Some popular restaurants and cafes in Queanbeyan are Paradiso, Ocean Master seafood, Spicy Inn, Diamond Chinese Restaurant, Oriental Inn, Creative Café, Melita Coffee Lounge, Carol’s Coffee Shop and Café Rendezvous among many others. There are several take-away food joints and speciality restaurants as well in the Queanbeyan city.

Queanbeyan offers several types of cheap as well as highly-priced accommodations in various hotels, motels, caravans, guest houses, lodges and backpackers. Some popular tourist accommodation spots of Queanbeyan include:
  • Queanbeyan Hotel
  • Crest Motor Inn
  • Comfort Inn Airport
  • Village Cabins
  • Country Plaza Motel
  • Olympia Motel
  • Wallaby Motel
  • Rainbow Motel
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