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Australian Sports

In Australia sports is an integrated part of the lives of the people. The Australians have interest in a wide range of sports and it has made its presence felt in all the major arenas of world sports. Team sports and water sports are the main areas where the Australian sportsmen have excelled over the years. The people of this country have invented a game called Australian Rules football or the AFL which is very popular in this nation. Mostly all kinds of sports are played in Australia like, basketball, baseball, tennis, cricket, rugby, hockey, golf, netball and tennis. The national teams of Australia participate in the world level competitions and there are also frequent leagues within the country. The main reason behind such sports enthusiasm among the Australian people is the perfect and varied climates in the country. Apart from the cricket, hockey and football, surfing in Australia has become very popular over the years. The perfect waves in the beaches attract hundreds of surfers from around the world each year.

The names of some of the major sports league in Australia is given in he list below:
  • National Rugby League
  • A-League
  • Queensland Rugby League
  • National Soccer League
  • Australian Football League
  • New South Wales League
  • National Wheelchair Basketball League
  • National Basketball League
The most unique sport which Australia boasts of is the Australia rules football which has its existence in this country since the nineteenth century. This sport has a rising popularity and more and more people are taking part in it. The Australia Football had originated in the state of Victoria in the mid of the nineteenth century and currently around 59% people of Australia takes interest in it.

The other sports which can be associated with the history and heritage of Australia is cricket. Australia over the years had some gallant cricket players like Don Bradman, Mark Taylor and Allan Border. In the recent years the Australian cricket team has become almost invincible and had won three consecutive world cups.

The Australian Rugby is the other most significant sport of the country. It has immense popularity in certain states like New South Wales and Queensland. Australia is represented by the national rugby league team at the international levels. Among the eleven tournaments which were held since 1954 Australian players had managed to win eight of them.

There are number of nicknames which are given to the national teams of various sports in Australia. Like for example the basketball men’s team were called the ‘boomers’ and the basketball women’s team called the ‘opals’. The players of the Test side rugby league are known as the ‘Kangaroos’ and the wheelchair rugby players are named ‘ Wheelabies’ the swimmers of Australia who participate in the international events like Commonwealth games and the Olympics are called the ‘dolphins’.

Media has a very significant role to play in Australian sports. There are numerous sports channels like Fox sports and Setanta Sports who have augmented the popularity of sports and has almost made it a religion here. The Australian Sports Commission is the department of the government which has dedicated itself to the sports of this country.
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