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Mildura is a rural city located in the state of Victoria in Australia. The geographic coordinates of the town of Mildura are 34o 11 ' South and 142o East approximately. This town is located by the Murray River and is adorned by some beautiful gardens and grain farms. The council of Mildura Rural City governs this city. In the council there are nine elected members. The council has its offices in two places Mildura and Ouyen.

The aboriginals were the original residents of the area where the Mildura rural city is currently located. They concentrated here due to the fertile land of the region. The aboriginals were gradually marginalized with the springing up of towns in that area since beginning of the 19th century. It was declared a city in 1887 after a lot of political struggle.

The climate of Mildura was moderate and the residents enjoy sunshine all through the year. The temperature rarely reaches the uncomfortable level in winters and in the summer the climate is warm. There is particular wet of dry season and precipitation is evenly spread all through the year.

Mildura is famous for its natural treasures which is a reason why numerous tourists flock to this city each year. Murray River and the Mallee national parks are the major places of attractions. There are some exotic fauna species in this area which draws numerous tourists. The Mungo National Park is a World Heritage site which is well known around the world. Apart from the natural splendours the city also has a golf course and a leisure complex which has a leisure pool in it. It is best to visit the city during the major festivals here like Mildura Wentwirth Arts Festival, Mildura Country Music Festival and Tattersall’s Tour of the Murray River and Ouyen’s Great Australian vanilla slice Triumph.

The Mildura city is known as Victoria’s Food Bowl as it is the main producer of vegetables and fruits in this region. Olives, vegetables, grapes and grains are mostly produced in this region. The excess of grapes have also led to the formation of a number of wineries. The city administration takes proper measures like formation ‘Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone’ to help this industry.

The city of Mildura has its own regional airport where three domestic airlines hold regular flights from three major cities in Australia which are Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. For transportation within the city the tourists can hire car from any of the five car hiring companies.

Mildura has a wide range of accommodations like hotels, motels and resorts. Some of the hotels in Mildura are:
  • Quality Resort Rockford
  • Comfort Inn
  • Best Western Boulevard Motor Inn
  • Best Western early Australian Motor Inn
There are excellent wines and varied cuisines which are available in a number of restaurants in Mildura. The ingredients used in the food are fresh local products and the multicultural society has also led to the exceptional style of cooking.
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