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Rockhampton is a city located in the state of Queensland in Australia. The city is gifted with varied landscape and diverse culture. The city is governed by the city council which consists of a mayor and ten councilors. Currently the mayor of this city is Mayor Cr Margaret Strelow. The tourism industry in this city has developed due to its scenic beauty, exotic wildlife and many other attractions. This city is commonly known as ‘Rocky’. The other title designated to this city is the ‘beef capital of Australia’.

The Rockhampton city was established in 1855 after the city was affected by the gold rush. Wiseman the first land commissioner of Queensland named this city Rockhampton. Apart from mines cattle rearing and agriculture has also helped in the development of the country.

The city of Rockhampton is located at the east of Australia and is connected by two major highways the Bruce highway and the Capricorn Highway. It is also connected by rail and air. The airlines which provide services to this region are Virgin Blue Airlines, Qantas Airlines and Jetstar Airlines. Queensland rail connects the city to various parts of Australia.

Rockhampton experiences a tropical type of climate. The temperature of the city rises significantly during the summer and in winter there is mild cold. This region is the hottest in whole of Queensland. So a vacation to Rockhampton should be preferably planned in the winter. The average annual temperature is between 17.2 degree Celsius to 28.5 degree Celsius and the average rainfall in a year is about 945.6 millimeter.

Some of the major attractions in Rockhampton are the Kershaw garden, Rockhampton Botanic gardens, Rockhampton Zoo and Bockhampton Art gallery. A walk by the Ftizroy River or fishing in its crystal clear water is a perfect way of relaxation for the tourists and the residents. One can even visit the Yeppoon Beach or the Capricorn coast from this city. The Rock Pool Water Park is a perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon. To experience the culture and traditions of Australia the Pilbeam Theatre and the Rockhampton Music Bowl can be visited which has regular drama and orchestral performances. The nightlife of Rockhampton is exciting but safe. The tourists can enjoy thoroughly due to the low crime rate in the city.

There are a number of hotels, spas, motels, caravanparks and resorts in Rockhampton. The backpackers also have facilities to stay if they are on a low budget vacation. Some of the hotels in this city are:
  • O’ Dowd’s Irish Pub
  • Cambridge Hotel Motel
  • Travelodge Rockhampton
  • Rockhampton Plaza Hotel
  • Sun Palms Hotel Motel
  • Leichhardt Hotel Rockhampton
  • The Criterion Hotel
There are numerous restaurants and cafes in Rockhampton. Daltons, Thai Tanee Restaurant and Coffeehouse Apartment Motel Café & Wine Bar are the three most popular restaurants of this city.
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