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Ararat is a rural city in the south-western part of Victoria, Australia. Ararat is a city which has a local government. The rural city of Ararat was formed with the merger of the shire of Ararat, parts of the Shire of Moyne, Northern Grampians and Southern Grampians and the City of Ararat. Two Royal Australian Navy ships have been named after the town of Ararat, namely HMAS Ararat (ACPB 89) and HMAS Ararat (K34). The city of Ararat was left unexplored unless gold was discovered in the region during 1857. As a result of gold rush, the population of the city rose to 20,000 and many Chinese people made great money with their gold discoveries. Ararat is the only town of Australia which was discovered by the Chinese people who had moved from the South Australian ports to the Victorian goldfields in the central part. Later on however, these Chinese people were drove back by their white rivals who established a monopoly over the gold discoveries in the region. Ararat still has many remains of its glorious past which is depicted in the buildings of 19th century. Ararat is still regarded as a goldfields town and has lots of Victorian style buildings. Ararat has an excellent road network which is boosted by the Western Highway and state highways of Glenelg and Pyrenees. Ararat has now become a commercial centre where sheep-farming and wine-producing are the most common industries. Ararat is the gateway to the Grampians Wine Region and the region is famous for is wineries. Some of the famous wineries include Bestís wines great western, Seppelt great western, Cathcart ridge estate, the gap vineyard, Kimbarra wines, Jillian wines, Clayfield wines, Moyston hills wine, Nedís winery, Mount Cole wineworks and Jallukar ridge vineyard among others. There are a whole lot of tourist attraction spots in Ararat which include:
  • J ward
  • Gum san Chinese heritage centre
  • Ararat gallery
  • Harrisons orchard
  • Railway heritage museum
  • Time for fun
  • Langi Morgala museum
  • Red Rock Olives
  • Birdswing antiques and art
  • Grampians antiques
  • Grampians Pyrenees wine tours
  • Blue wren tea rooms and gallery
  • Rocket cottage palnts, herbs
  • Halls gap wildlife park and zoo
  • Blaze rock retreat
  • Mt. cassel native plants
  • Pomonal widflower nursery
All these tourist attraction spots offer a huge variety of options for people who like historical monuments, theme parks, nurseries, informative tours about wine and people who love to explore the native sights and places. For instance, J ward is a place where one can discover the spine-chilling experience of prisoners and murderers. Apart form these there are many other natural tourist attraction spots like langi ghiran state park, Ararat hills regional park, chalambar golf club, Grampians national park, lake bolac, green hill lake, Mt. Cole state forest and others. All these tourist spots are located within easy reach of the rural city of Ararat and the walking trails provide excellent opportunity for adventure and exploration. Ararat also has some fine restaurants which are scattered all over the city and offer all kinds of delicacies. Some of the well-known restaurants in Ararat include KFC-Ararat, Noble Garden, Mid-city Coffee Lounge, Ararat Bakehouse cafť, Eastern Dinner, Sicilian bar, Pyrenees Country Kitchen and Ararat Golden Dragon. While on your trip to Ararat or the nearby attractions you can prefer to stay at:
  • Best Western Statesman Ararat
  • Flag Inn Statesman
  • Ararat Colonial Lodge Motor Inn
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