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Traralgon is a small city located in the state of Victoria in Australia. This city falls within the state district of Morwell and in the federal division of Gippsland. The latitude and longitude of Traralgon is 38o11' South and 146o32' respectively. It is assumed that name Traralgon when broken into two parts mean river and little fish in Gunai language. Before the arrival of the Europeans in the mid nineteenth century the region was inhabited by the aboriginals. In 1877 the town was for the first time connected to Melbourne via rail, this led to the growth of the city. In the 20th century after the establishment of the paper mill the economy of the city got a major boost. After Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet a resident of this city got the Noble Prize the place became popular worldwide. Further development took place during Second World War when power generation industry began in this area.

Traralgon is administered by the Latrobe city council whose head quarter in situated in Morwell a town very near to it. There are in total three cities and two shires under the control of this council.

The climate of Traralgon is of moderate type. There is rainfall almost all throughout the year but the month of October receives the maximum amount of precipitation. Temperature during the winter rarely drops below zero degree. The summers are generally wet and the winters are drier.

Accommodation in Traralgon is not very varied. There are numerous caravan parks and camping sites in this city along with cabins and cottages. Some of the accommodations in this city are:
  • Park Lane Tourist Park
  • Best Western Governor Gipps Motor Inn
  • Murphy’s Motor Inn
  • City gardens Country Haven Motel
La Porchetta, PJ’s and Neilsons are few restaurants in the city of Traralgon.

This city is a small and quaint city where the travelers can get a glimpse of the simple lifestyle of the inhabitants and laze around. Traralgon has an 18 holes golf course where the tourists can have a relaxed time.

The Traralgon city is just 163 kilometers to the south east of Melbourne by road. The other nearest towns are Morwell, Sale and Yarram. The tourists can also choose to stay in any of these cities if they want. Morwell is just fourteen kilometers away from this city. The major highways and roads which connect Traralgon to the rest of Australia are Princess Highway, Hyland Highway, Traralgon West Road and Churchill Road. The two nearest airports to this city are Melbourne Airport and Avalon Airport.
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