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Australian Polity

The Parliament, Prime Minister and its multi party system are the integral part of the Australian polity. The Australian polity is synonymous to the Australian Government. As Australia is a democracy there are regular elections which are held in this country for the legislatures. The members to the legislative assemblies of various territories are also elected due to the federal nature of this country. There are two houses in Australia as it has a bicameral parliamentary system.

The most significant part of the Australian federal government is its parliament. There are two parts of the government which are House of Representative and the Senate. The senate of Australia comprises of its members, the president of the Senate and the committees. Department of the House Representatives and the Departments of Parliamentary services are the two associating departments of the Senate. Some of the offices of this department are Clerk’s office, table office, procedure office, committee office and Black Rod’s office.

The members of the House of Representatives are elected from various constituencies within the country. The proceedings of the house are conducted by the speaker. The political parties of Australia are Australian Labor Party, Country Liberal Party, The National and Liberal Party. There are few members of the House of Representative who do not belong to any political parties. The members are elected for a period of three years and the voting system in vogue is known as the full preferential voting. The current speaker of the Parliament is David Hawker. He is also the member of the parliament.

Apart from the Senate and House of Representative, there is a department of parliamentary services. In 2004 three more departments were added into Parliamentary services. The major task of this department is to give advice to the parliament, to look into the security of the Parliament house and communication.

In the Australian polity the political parties have a significant role to play. The parties are extra legal and extra constitutional. These parties are independent organizations whose actions are not totally controlled by the government. Apart from the three major parties there are very small parties like the Family First Party and Australian Greens. In the initial phase Australia ahs a bi party system however the condition has changed now.

There are a number of parliamentary committees which helps the government is a number of matters. The most important function is to critically observe the activities of the Australian Federal Government. The fiscal policies of the government are also scrutinized thoroughly. The committees also serve as a perfect bridge between the government and the citizens or any interest groups. The committees can be divided in to four parts House Committees, Former Committees, Joint Committees and Senate Committees.

The head of the state of Australia is the Queen of England as this country is a part of the commonwealth. She is not a functional head and does not have any significant administrative role.
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