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Horsham is a small, quaint and beautiful city of Australia known for its variety of restaurants and state of the art shopping malls. This city is located in the state of Victoria in the south eastern part of Australia. The geographic coordinates of Horsham are 36o43'South and 142o12'East respectively. Horsham is also known as a rural city and it has a population of around eighteen thousand. This region is also renowned around the world for its woolen products. In the summer many tourists visit the city of Horsham to fish, swim or boat in the numerous lakes and the Wimmera River. Some of the local government areas around the Horsham city in Australia are Grampians, Hindamarsh and Yarriambiack. The city falls under the federal division of Malle.

The climate of Horsham is more or less moderate. The average annual temperature ranges from 8 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius approximately. The average rainfall in a year is around 446.4 millimeter.

The town of Horsham was declared the tidiest town of the country in the year 2001. This vivacious city has wide opportunities of activities which the tourists can enjoy to the core. The beautifully decorated Botanic Gardens of the city by the Wimmera River are the best place to enjoy in the city. The famous woolen factory within the city has also off late become an integral part of the tourism industry. The main activities in which the visitors indulge in are rowing, canoeing, fishing, swimming and kayaking. Horsham has its very own Aquatic centre which has a recreation hall and an outdoor café. To get a view of the local animals and the exotic plants a walk on the Police Paddock is recommended. The Horsham Art Gallery displays some of the premium Australian paintings and photographs. To get to see the local artists’ at work one can visit the Art Craft Workshop. The best asset of the city which the tourists enjoy during their stay here is the 18 holes Golf Course it is one of the best in the country. Apart from the city the tourists can also visit the suburbs which offer extraordinary natural beauty. The rock climbing and hiking through the mountains will give a view of exotic scenery and beautiful plants.

The city of Horsham is well connected to the cities of Adelaide and Melbourne by the rail line. There is no airport in this city and it has three highways which connects it to the rest of Australia.

Some of the best hotels to stay in Horsham, Australia are:
  • Best Western May Park Motor Lodge
  • Comfort Inn Major Mitchell
  • Darlot Motor Inn
  • Best Western Golden Grain Motor Inn
There are numerous restaurants in the city of Horsham which are gaining reputation off late. The local ingredients like beef, olive oil, and lamb are used in the recipes. The place is also famous for various kinds of local wines like Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc.
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