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Australia Career

Australia has a very low rate of unemployment and is one of the developed economies of the world. There are more than two million job opportunities for all career-oriented students. Australian career opportunities include works in the field of aviation, banking and financial services, manufacturing, legal, health care, medical, customer service, marketing, HR, hospitality, IT, fashion and many others. Australian career scopes provide students with the chance of exploring the different avenues and also an exposure to the outside world. The Australian career opportunities and varieties are at par with the global demand and are appropriate for students of all ages.

The Australian people are getting more and more career-oriented and as a result the demand for jobs is increasing. The Australian labour market has witnessed a steady growth in the past few years. The change is felt mainly because of the skilled workforce, increasing participation of women and also an increasing interest among youth and aged people to secure jobs. In the last 20 years, the percentage of female participation has increased by 8.8% in different sectors. Women have contributed to 63.7% of participation in the part-time job offers in the last 20 years. In fact, about 44.8% of the total female workforce is engaged in part-time jobs. Moreover, Australian women have also shown a keen interest in the field of education and in the last few years the proportion of women seeking vocational education has gone up to 54%. Women are also showing interest in choosing tertiary careers like engineering and mining, which were earlier regarded as male-dominated industries.

The Australian territory of New South Wales has the highest percentage of the Australian workforce, which accounts to two-thirds of the total population. Most of these workers are engaged in finance and insurance related jobs and other sectors have 32% of the population. Victoria comes second in the list with about 2.5 million workers engaged in the employment sector. Thereafter comes Queensland, ranking third, with more than 2 million workers employed in the fields of retail trade, property and business services and construction related jobs.

In order to secure a good job, one needs to have the right career move. One should choose his career according to one’s qualification and capability. There are many career counselling services in Australia, which are there to guide students on career-related issues. The Australian Career Development Studies, Career Advice Australia and National Career Development Week are reliable and helpful sources of acquiring information about the career market in Australia. These counselling agencies provide ample information and guidance to students and help them in making the right career move.

There is ample scope in the fields of accounting, finance and banking, administration and secretarial and legal careers for interested students. The advertising and media, arts and entertainment industry of Australia is also experiencing a boom. Retail, supply chain and logistics, marketing, sales and trading services in Australia are also quite popular with students. The latest boom can be witnessed in the IT and T sectors, HR recruitment, hospitality, travel and tourism, fashion and aviation and transport industries in Australia as both men and women are fighting to gain foothold in this field.

Hence, the career market in Australia is experiencing a huge boom and more and more avenues are opening up with several multi-national companies setting up their bases in Australia.
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