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Advertising and Media in Australia

Advertising and media in Australia have remained pioneers in the sphere of entertainment in the world. The Australian media and advertising industry owes its origins to a time when such means of information and entertainment were in its nascent stages. The Australian media and advertising industry is older than European media. The quality it possesses has the potential to challenge even the pioneer of media and advertising in the world, the US media and advertising industry. The advertising and media industry in Australia is also technologically very sound and works along the lines of detailed and efficient planning. The advertising industry in Australia is so developed that there is an annual expenditure of $8 billion in the industry, as such it is all the more necessary for advertisers within the country, to select their customers correctly and efficiently.

The advertising industry in Australia is technically one of the most developed and also one of the most efficient industries of the country. Nonetheless, it is not possible for the Australian advertising industry to work without collaborating with the Australian media, which has given momentum to the revenue generated from advertising. The Australian media has a huge coverage and has a strong source in all fields of entertainment like the television, radio, print, press, cinema, Internet, outdoors and mobiles. In the field of advertising, the main association responsible for managing the field is the, Australian Association of National Advertisers that has formed an association of the best advertisers in the nation since 1928. The main function of this association is to develop and modernize media research. To generate an efficient and competitive market for advertising and media services. There is a separate advertising related industry in Australia, called the Advertising Federation of Australia, which is responsible for giving recognition to independent advertising agencies. At present 180 agencies are generating a total of 80% of all advertising expenditure in Australia.

In the field of media, the Media Federation of Australia formed in 1997, is the main association that represents almost 72% of the total Australian media. This body also provides traineeships to novices interested in joining the media industry. There are several laws operating in Australia that govern the Australian advertising industry, these are; the State Fair Trading Acts, the Broadcasting Services Act, the Copyright Act, Tobacco advertising Prohibition Act, Federal Trade Practices Act 1974, Consumer Credit Code, Privacy Act and the Spam Act.

In Australia, when one wishes to advance his or her career in advertising and media then there is scope to pursue one's career in these fields through a number of courses at various levels like; university degrees, TAFE diplomas, software training, TAFE certificates, postgraduate courses and TAFE short courses. Among the university degrees, one may opt for any of the following courses like; Bachelor of Communication, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Studies and Bachelor of General Studies. Postgraduate degrees can be obtained in courses like Master of Arts in Writing and Master of Marketing. TAFE diplomas are handed out in courses related to Diploma of Business Management and Diploma of Business (Marketing). TAFE certificates are awarded in Marketing, Advertising, Communication and Media and Frontline Management. TAFE short courses are awarded in courses related to writing and editing for publication, Client Service Program, Effective Business Negotiation and Confident Team Leadership. Some of the most sought after jobs in the Australian advertising and media industry are:
  • Advertising Designer
  • Dancer
  • Publications Coordinator
  • Graphic Artist
  • Photography
  • Graphic Designer
  • Publishing Assistant
  • Sales Consultant-Media
  • Editorial Assistant
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