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Banking and Financial Services in Australia

Banking and financial services in Australia have a very strong presence in the Australian industry as this is sector of the information technology is the field where technical skills are most developed. Australian banking and finance was not as developed as it is today, but all credit for a highly modernized banking and finance industry in Australia goes to the Information Technology sector. The IT sector has developed high technology oriented measures in order to benefit the Australian banking and finance sector. Banking and financial services in Australia include the capital market and also the insurance sector besides the banking industry. Information Technology services in Australia have benefited the Australian banking and insurance market to such an extent that it has given rise to numerous international standard-banking firms.

The banking and financial services in Australia have given the greatest amount of development to the telephone, wireless and Internet banking industry and subsequently generating IT awareness in the country. Business houses and individual customers have greatly benefited from banking and finance technology, which has in turn facilitated easy banking within the country. It has been possible to develop the banking and services industry in Australia because the country has a sound IT base. There are IT professionals available in all fields of IT like law, accounts and other areas that require professionals to be trained in linguistics. The increased number of Australian IT professionals in jobs around the world, show the increased IT potential of the country. The banking and services industry within Australia include all areas related to banking, corporate houses, finance, insurance, risk management and securities.

The banking and financial services sector has developed some new standards for project management in the industry. The new project management standards were adopted in the April of 2006, when a group of senior executives and managers associated with the banking sector, insurance and risk management companies, worked in conjunction towards developing modern standards for the working and evaluation of financial projects. These new standards have also been the outcome of an active initiative on the part of the Australian Institute of Project Management, and this new effort has subsequently transformed many complex-banking projects into simple ones. The sudden initiative was in reaction to a 2005 survey, which showed that, only 53% of all projects undertaken by 770 companies, ultimately delivered maximum success. The 2006 project plans has finally given revived the banking and financial sector of Australia.

Some of the most sought after jobs related to banking and finance in Australia, are:
  • Performance Analytics Manager
  • Risk Adviser
  • Senior Financial Planner
  • Team Leader regarding mortgage credit
  • Manager in trade operations
  • Recruitment consultant
  • Project Management Specialist
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Paraplanner
  • Internal Sales Developer
  • Senior Specialist Superannuation
  • Mobile Loan Salesperson
  • Residential and Business Loans Underwriter
  • Senior Corporate Actions Analyst
  • Mortgages Risk Executive
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Compliance and Support Officer
  • Client Service advisor
  • Customer Service
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