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Construction, Architecture and Interiors in Australia

Recent industry surveys have shown that construction, architecture and interiors in Australia, build up a huge industry, which make a significant contribution into the Australian revenue sector. Survey results have proved that most of the people involved in the construction sector are associated with the non-residential building sector, whereas it has been seen that only 37% of the industry is involved with projects related to the residential sector. Most of the companies and individual agencies make up for the total revenue, which might hover anywhere around $1.5 million to $25 million. There is a stark disparity in the spreading of companies associated with construction, architecture and interiors in Australia, however, smaller undertakings are usually spread across the interior territories. All smaller companies involved in the construction, architecture and interiors business normally undertake residential projects and consulting services, whereas large companies are occupied with mostly non-residential projects like engineering construction.

Construction in Australia

Construction companies, which are based in Western and Northern Australia are mostly concerned with intra-state construction works, whereas the construction companies based in ACT support construction on a larger scale and hence, occupy themselves mostly with inter-state operations. These days, the construction industry in Australia is facing strict competition and hence, prices of work and the quantity of work done is continuously on the rise. This trend is subsequently giving rise to huge amount of revenue being earned from this sector. Some of the jobs related with the construction sector in Australia are; Contracts officer, Administration officer, project co-ordination engineer, manager development services, business development manager, senior control systems engineer and laborers.

Architecture in Australia

Architecture in Australia has always been largely influenced by European architecture, especially English, and beyond this architecture the US has also had a considerable influence on the art and architecture of Australia. Even modern Australian architecture shows considerable influence of foreign art and styles, which are blended, beautifully to give rise to a new form of architecture that can be termed as Australian. The extent till which Australian architecture can be called authentic is the point where slight influences of native Aboriginal culture can be seen to reflect from within Australian works of art. Australian architecture of the present day reflects the multi-cultural identity of the country and this international attribute of architecture is appealing to art lovers from all over the world. Australian architecture is reflected most extensively in a majority of residential buildings, whereas non-residential buildings seldom portray contemporary architectural styles, which is generally avant-garde. This new development in Australian architecture is the result of new styles being experimented by Australian architects, and the trend is gradually carving a world-market for itself.

Interiors in Australia

In the contemporary situation, when talking about interiors in Australia, the commercial real estate sector automatically arises in mind. Interior designers are required for almost all sectors within the interior design industry, which especially include corporate interiors. Most interior design agencies provide services like renovation of office premises, alteration of premises, providing new decoration for premises, which have undergone relocation and are also involved with construction project management.
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