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Arts and Entertainment in Australia

Arts and entertainment in Australia has had a very long and successful innings and still continues to be internationally popular for generating quality entertainment. Being one of the remotest and the most far-flung continent on the earth's surface, Australia has a distinct culture, which is aptly reflected in the arts and entertainment in Australia. This is one of the chief reasons, which has contributed to the success of the Australian arts and entertainment industry. The distinct feature of Australian arts and entertainment has helped establish this industry as one of the leading contributors in the field of Australian export and also build a profit-earning relation with the US, Europe and UK.

The last decade has especially proved to be very profitable for the Australian arts and entertainment industry because it had witnessed the highest amount of export of Australian art and entertainment in world markets, especially Asia. In the year ending 2005-06, it was estimated that a total of $301,000,000 of export deals were conducted through no less than 459 new contracts. Music sales has also surcharged by $100 millions and given music export an impetus of 50%. This groundbreaking achievement has been achieved in all fields of art and entertainment like music, decorative arts, publishing, films and indigenous arts. The Asian market is the latest addition in the export market for all Australian arts and entertainment related trade. The major Asian markets are China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

There are several government associations in Australia, who regulate the Australian arts and entertainment industry. Some such organizations are; Australian Council for the Arts, Australian Film Finance Corporation Ltd, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, State Government Arts Sites, the Australian Film Commission and the Department of Communications, Information Technology. The Australian Film Commission operates as a part of the Australian government and looks after the development of content for Australian film, television and interactive media. It also contributes in detailed analysis of data from film archives and uses them to develop the industry. Another organization by the name of the Australian Independent Records Labels Association is a non-profit organization that works in tandem with the government so as to initiate deals that would benefit the music industry of Australia and also regulates a free and fair market.

In the arts and entertainment field, Australia has a separate distinction in the shape of the opera, most well represented through the Sydney Opera House. Detailed information regarding the present condition and working of the Australian opera can be availed through many of the present opera associations across the country. Out of these, one of the most noted is the Queensland Independent Opera and Song Company, which is operating since 1994 and has delivered a string of praiseworthy concerts. The most sought after jobs in the field of arts and entertainment in Australia are:
  • Account Management in Advertising
  • Creative Services in Advertising
  • Design/Graphics
  • Event Management
  • Performing Arts
  • Sales
  • Promotions
  • Photography
  • Journalism and Copywriting
  • Media Booking and Traffic
  • Museum and Arts
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