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Defence and Emergency in Australia

Defence and emergency in Australia comprises of both the civil and military defence sectors and is concerned with providing the Australian public protection against natural disasters and during the times of military warfare. The Australian government has taken special steps towards assuring that all residents of the country are entitled to proper emergency services and defense against all natural and armed disasters. The separate cell of the Australian government, which is concerned with defense and emergency services, is called Emergency Management Australia. This cell is mostly concerned with all forms of emergency management in the country and conducts all civil defense procedures according to the 1997 Protocols of the Geneva Convention of 1949. Defense and emergency in Australia is a concern of both the parliamentary and the separate state governments of the country.

The Constitution of Australia states that it is the responsibility of the Australian government to protect the life and property of all citizens in the country. In addition, the Australian government should also bear all responsibilities of emergency management and civil defence within the country. The government handles the military defense sector but it has to efficiently co-ordinate both civil and military defense so as to provide Australians with the highest defense. The role of civil defense and emergency in Australia begins, just as military defense ends. This is so because military conflicts bring in its wake terrible civil disasters within the country. Within the Australian emergency sector is included:
  • Police
  • Public Utilities (power, water, sewerage, gas)
  • Communications
  • State Emergency Services
  • Hospitals
  • Transport
  • Fire
  • Engineering
  • Local Government
  • Welfare Agencies
Just as the cell called Emergency Management Australia is concerned with civil defense in Australia, the Department of Defense is concerned with military defense in Australia. Whereas there is no dearth of jobs in civil service sector because there is no lack of organizations associated with civil defense, especially several non-profit organizations, which indulge in providing emergency services to the civilians. The defense ministry is mostly concerned with jobs and recruitment in the army, navy and the air force. At present, the defense ministry is concerned with recruitment in the following careers:
  • Pilots
  • Stewards
  • Combat Systems Operator
In recent times, the scope of jobs for women in the defense sector has also increased and women participation in defense is also on the rise. There is also scope for recruitment and redeployment for retired military personnel within the Australian military defense sector.

The kind of defense and emergency jobs, now available in Australia are:
  • Business Analyst
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Junior / Intermediate Client Side Project Manager -
  • Medical officer / Consultant
  • Development Assessment Coordinator
  • Registered Nurses
  • Defence Software Engineer
  • Above Water Weapons Technical Lead
  • Navy Trade Apprenticeships
  • Transitional Case Worker - Transitional Services
  • Emergency Nurses
  • ILS Engineers
  • Commercial Analyst
  • Enterprise Architect - Security and Information Systems
  • VLF Technician.
  • Doctors
  • Specialist Obstetrician & Gynecologist
  • Heavy Vehicle Mechanic
  • Business Analyst
  • Technology Specialist
  • Commercial Assistant
  • Special Projects Assistant
  • Logistics Officer
  • Clinical Nurse - Emergency
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Intelligence Officers
  • Ambulance Paramedic
  • Business Intelligence Consultants
  • Electrical Fitter
  • Marketing Campaign Analyst - (SQL/Business Objects)
  • Senior Facilities Manager
  • TIG Welder
  • Advocacy Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Web Developer
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