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Administration and Secretarial in Australia

At present Australia has a booming job market because the best companies are investing in the Australian economy and consequently turning the country into an economically strong nation. As such there is no dearth of opportunities, especially in the jobs that deal with administration and secretarial in Australia. The booming Australian economy has created the prospect for numerous jobs in the various departments of administration and secretarial in Australia, but it should be noted that the greatest of such job opportunities are available in the major cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Perth and the Gold Coast. Some of the administration and secretarial jobs in Australia, which has generated the highest number of vacancies are :-
  • Cabinet Secretary: This is undoubtedly the only administrative and secretarial job which involves dealing at the highest level. He is the main person behind assisting ministers of the cabinet with substantial advice on major administrative decisions of the government.
  • Accounts Payable Administrator: At present there are lots of this job opportunities in Brisbane, the job profiles include the responsibility of a full-time account payer who is vested with responsibilities like invoicing, coding and end-of-month account tallying. Apart from this, it is also a job full of high responsibilities and can also include work outside this stated ambit.
  • Secretary: This is predictably the most popular of all administrative and secretarial jobs of Australia. The job of a secretary can vary from that of a mid-level to a particularly high-profile one. A secretary's job might be sub-divided into 2 distinct categories; one in a corporate office, and the other in a governmental set-up as a Secretary of State. The job is invariably that of someone who is responsible in assisting a senior in all administrative works.
  • Administration Officer: Currently this is one of the administrative jobs that is in high demand in the Australian job market because there is a constant inflow of international companies making investments in the Australian market and an administration officer is highly necessary so that the functioning of the company is smooth.
  • Property Lawyer: This is one arena where jobs never run out of vacancies, rather the demand of a good and certified property manager is increasing simultaneously with the increase of job opportunities in the country.
  • Systems Engineer: In this computer-dominated age there is high-demand for a systems engineer who is responsible for consultancy, design and providing solutions to the problems of various clients of a company.
  • Data Entry Clerk: This job, although is an administrative and secretarial job, is mainly a back-office job and includes responsibilities like processing and updating facts at a high speed.
  • Company Accountant: A company accountant's job includes assisting a financial controller and helping in works related to budget, forecast, account consolidation and training junior accountants.
These are some of the primary jobs in the administration and secretarial departments of Australia, but there are several others like:-
  • Casual Sales Consultant
  • Junior Tax Manager
  • Group Reporting Accountant
  • Audit Senior
  • Corporate Receptionist
  • Corporate Legal Secretary
  • Personal Assistant
  • Senior Worksafe Inspector
  • Funds Administrator
  • Sales Office Assistant
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