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Accounting Australia

Accounting is one of the most commonly and widely used art of analyzing data which is used by individual or groups at some point in their business life. Accounting is an indispensable job, especially for people engaged in business, as they have to prepare and audit their financial statements at the end of every fiscal year. Accounting jobs in Australia are quite in-demand because of the growing need of this job in different business organisations. The accounting industry in Australia is mainly engaged in book-keeping, auditing and accounting services provided by trained professionals.

Accounting services in Australia include various jobs depending on the different types of accounting facilities offered to various groups and companies. The main types of accounting services include:
  • Governmental Accounting: it refers to accounting services provided to a governmental unit at all levels. This unit aims to provide service and not profits. Bothe public and private accountants are used for this job.
  • Industrial or Private Accounting: this refers to accounting services, which are offered to a particular industry and the accountant receives salary for his services.
  • National Income Accounting: this is responsible for providing people with an overview about the purchasing power of the nation.
  • Public Accounting: this refers to public services offered by private accountants.
  • Fiduciary Accounting: this is done by trustee, administrator or anyone in power. The main work is keep records of the financial documents.
Accounting jobs in Australia include all these types of service which are provided by both private and public accountants.

Accounting jobs are available in different Australian cities like Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and in other cities as well. The accounting sector jobs of Australia mainly belong to the following sections:
  • Accounts Clerk and Administration jobs
  • Systems Accounting jobs
  • Accounts Payable jobs
  • Assistant Accountant / Part Qualified jobs
  • Accounting jobs
  • Accounts Receivable jobs
  • Analysis and Planning jobs
  • Audit and Risk Accounting jobs
  • Bookkeeping jobs Business Services
  • Company Secretary jobs
  • Financial Controller and Directorship jobs
  • Insolvency Accounting jobs
  • Cost Accounting jobs
  • Credit jobs Financial Accounting jobs
  • Management jobs
  • CPA / Chartered Accountant jobs
  • Procurement and Inventory jobs
  • Management Accounting jobs
  • Payroll jobs
  • Taxation Accounting jobs
  • Other Accounting jobs
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia is the premier educational institution, which imparts knowledge on accounting and related jobs. The education provided at this Institute is highly recognised by industry professionals and the Institute also has a significant impact on the business environment and market strategies. Candidates who are interested in accounting and related careers cam enrol themselves at this Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Some of the leading accounting firms in Australia, which offer a wide variety of accounting jobs include: Kennas Chartered Accountants
  • Horwarth Australia
  • Alan Morse & Co. Chartered Accountants
  • Felsers Corporate
  • Ernst & Young Australia
  • Moore Stephens Priestley & Morris
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia
  • William Cosson & Co
  • Sothertons Chartered Accountants
  • Ferrier Hodgson Chartered Accountants
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