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Palmerston is a city located in the Northern Territory of Australia. This city was established in 1980s and had experienced a significant growth ever since. The city of Palmerston falls within the federal division of Solomon and the state district of Drysdale. The name of the city of Palmerston was kept by the Place Name Committee set up by the government of Northern Territory. It is a hip city which provides a perfect retreat for the young crowd. The total population of the city is approximately twenty five thousand and a significant portion of the populace is under the age of 28. There are a number of suburbs in and around city like Gunn, Marlow Lagoon, Driver, Durack, Farrar, Gray, Woodroffe, Rosebery, Bakewell and Moulden. Pinelands and Yarrawonga are the two industrial regions of the city.

The city is administered by the council of the Palmerston city. The city council has a Mayor and a Deputy Mayor together with six Aldermen. The current mayor of this city is Mayor Annette Burke.

The climate of the city of Palmerston is relatively moderate. The average temperature during the summer season is about 17.4 degree Celsius and in the winter the temperature is 5 degree Celsius. There is maximum rainfall during the month of August though there is precipitation all throughout the year. The average annual rainfall is around 776 millimeter.

There are number of parks in Palmerston which are a great place of recreation for the residents and the tourists. There are about ninety eight parks which fall within the Escarpemnt reserve. The names of some of the parks are Phoenix Park, Essington Park and Widdup Park. Apart from the parks the city is also equipped with a Palmerston Aquatic and Lifestyle centre.

For an adventure in the midst of nature the tourists can also visit the Mitchell Creek. There are variety of exotic species of flora and fauna in this region which are rare in this country. One most unique thing in Palmerston is the Marlow Lagoon Pet Park where your furry friend can have a gala time. The activity in which the tourists can indulge in while in the city is a boat ramp in the Elizabeth River.

The city of Palmerston is located very near to the region of Darwin and it takes only 25 minutes in a car. It is better to stay at Darwin while visiting Palmerston as this city does not have a wide range of hotels.
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