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Gladstone is a city located in the northern part of Australia within the state of Queensland. This city is famous for different large –scale industries and the port. This city is also a famous tourists spot and has some of the best natural treasures of Australia. The growth of this city is phenomenal and within 20 years it has developed in to one of the major industrial city from a humble past.

The Goreng goreng and Baiali aboriginal tribes were the original settlers in the region of Gladstone. Since the end of the 18th century Europeans have begun to infiltrate in to the city. In 1846 the city of Gladstone was recommended as the capital city of Queensland before that it was a penal colony. This was the also a reason why people came to this city and settled. For a significant amount of time the city was known as the ‘sleepy hollow’ and with the staring of the Aluminum factory in the second half of the 20th century things began to change.

The administration of the city of Gladstone in Australia is looked after by the city council. The Mayor is the head of the city council and the councilors are elected every four years. The total numbers of councilors are six.

The city has a subtropical type of climate and the weather in moderate all throughout the year. The storm and cyclone season is between November and March. The local government issue regular warnings for the cyclones. The average annual rainfall is 1020.8 millimeter. The average yearly temperature range from 26.6 degree Celsius to 17.4 degree Celsius approximately.

Tourism in Gladstone has grown significantly in recent years. Many tourists who aspire to view the natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef often visit this city. There are also a number of National Parks and exotic beaches in Gladstone. Some of the major places of attractions in Gladstone are Barney Point, Lake Awoonga, Spinnaker Park, Boyne Island and Tondoon Botanic gardens. There many state of the art malls in this city where the tourists can get a wide range of things. Gladstone Central, Stockland Gladstone and Centro Gladstone Home are the major shopping centers. Local arts and crafts can be bought from the crafts market. The other activities which the visitors can indulge in are a day cruise in the sea and island hopping in a helicopter. The city of Gladstone is equally vibrant and gorgeous at night as it is in the day. The city also has a Maritime Museum which is an attraction for the tourists.

The major hotels in Gladstone are:
  • Country Plaza International Hotel
  • Comfort Inn Mid city Gladstone
  • Best Western Camelot Motel Gladstone
  • Metro Hotel & Apartment Gladstone
Bon Appetit, Chinatown Restaurant, Brass palm Restaurant, Red Rooster, Terrace restaurant & Bar are the restaurants in Gladstone.

The city of Gladstone is well connected by railroad, air and highways. The North Coast railway line connects the city. The Gladstone has its very own airport and there are daily flights to Brisbane from there.
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