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Launceston is a city located in the state of Tasmania which is located in the south of in Australia. This city is one of the largest cities in the state and is one of the oldest cities in the country. The city has a rich history and has some elegant traditional architecture. There is a town in United Kingdom of the same name and it was named after it by the colonists when they arrived here in the beginning of the 19th century. This gorgeous city is located in vicinity of the lush green Tamar Valley. This characteristic has raised the popularity of the city significantly and has become a significant tourism centre. The city of Launceston is also called ‘Lonnie’.

Launceston Local Government Area is responsible for the administration of Launceston. The council is headed by the Mayor and there are also eleven councilors. The councilors are elected at regular intervals from various constituencies. Thylacine a local animal is present in the official logo of the city.

Launceston city was officially established in 1805 when English came to settle in this region. This city was selected as a hiding place by the Irish nationalist Leaders in the mid nineteenth century.

There are four seasons which determine the climate of Launceston. The seasons are summer, winter, spring and autumn. The average annual temperature of the city is from 18.2degree Celsius to 7.2 degree Celsius. The annual rainfall average is 682.3 millimeter. The maximum amount of rain falls in the month of August. The temperature of the city remains very cold during the winters.

The main natural places of attraction near the Launceston city are the Tamar River and the Cataract Gorge. To see the Japanese Macaque monkeys up-close one can visit the city park. Aurora Stadium where the football matches are regularly held can also be visited. The tourists will also be mesmerized at the incredible beauty which is found in the meeting point of the three rivers Tamar, Esk and South Esk. The river cruises in these rivers are also recommended to the tourists. The other points of attraction in Launceston are the Chinese temple, Queen Victoria Museum, Planetarium and the Royal Park.

The city of Launceston can be visited from various locations around Australia by road and by air. The major highways which connect this city are Midland Highway, Tasman Highway, West Tamar High way, Bass Highway and East Tamar Highway. The city has its very own airport called the Launceston Airport form where there are regular flights to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Some of the hotels in Launceston where the tourist can find ultimate retreat are:
  • Country Comfort Launceston Coach House
  • A Tamar Valley Resort
  • Best Western Riverside Hotel
  • Quality Inn Prince Albert Launceston
  • Launceston international hotel

Launceston is famous for its restaurants and hip cafes. Many restaurants have very good reputation and have also won the Best Restaurant Awards. The restaurants are most famous for the seafood and wines. Launceston Stillwater restaurant is the most popular restaurant in the city
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