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Maryborough is a small city which was once known for its gold-mines and industries. It is located near the Fraser Coast and it takes three hours to reach Maryborough from Brisbane. Maryborough is situated 166km north-west of Melbourne and is 254 metres above the sea-level. Maryborough city council comprises of the coastal cities of Maaroom, Boonooroo, Poona, Tuan and the southern part of the Fraser Island. Maryborough is a leading commercial and administrative centre of the Wide Bay region.

Maryborough was settled in 1847 and is one of the oldest cities of Queensland region. The first settlements began in 1842 when the Europeans were lured by the Mary River and the fertile soil. The first person who thought that settlement was possible in the region was Stephen Simpson and thereafter development started in the region. The discovery of gold mines in the nearby area of Gympis was responsible for a substantial rise in population of Maryborough. Floods became a common phenomenon of the area and Maryborough city was devastated by the frequent floods. Maryborough became a borough in the year 1857 and it gained the status of a city in 1961.

Maryborough city experiences a pleasant temperate climate with average summer temperatures of 30ºC in the months of December, January and February. During winters the temperatures drop down to 9º C or lower. Maryborough also enjoys considerable influences from the Hervey Bay since it lies 35km inland from the Bay.

Maryborough city is well-served by daily coach and train services at the Maryborough railway station. Maryborough lies very close to the Hervey Bay Airport from where one can get direct flights to Sydney. The area also has many private buses catering to the needs of the local people.

Maryborough has a lot to offer in terms of arts and culture. The places where one can get a taste of Maryborough’s art is Brolga Theatre, RADF and Maryborough Art Gallery. The public art works of Maryborough are depicted in the streetscape art, spectacular heritage buildings and sculptures. The works of South Sea Islanders, Aboriginal people and Chinese people are depicted in the public artworks.

Maryborough city has lots to explore and has more than 40 parks for tourists. Some of the popular tourist spots of Maryborough include:
  • Ululah Lagoon
  • Teddington Weir
  • Mary River Parklands
  • Queens Park
  • Great Sandy Strait
  • Fraser Island
  • Lake Victoria
  • Maryborough Regional Park
  • Pioneer Memorial Lookout Gallery
Maryborough has a whole range of sporting activities and recreational pursuits like biking, cycling, swimming, fishing, horse-riding and a host of other activities.

Maryborough also has a wider range of shopping facilities as there are many retail shops and shopping malls which are located in the city. The Heritage City Market which is organised on every Thursday is the best place to get all fresh items and handicraft items. Maryborough has many restaurants and cafes which offer various kinds of national and international cuisines. Few of the renowned restaurants and cafes of Maryborough are Hotline Pizza, Pasta and Ribs, Bull and Mouth Hotel, Albion Motel, Peach Village Restaurant and Bristol Hill Motor Inn.

Maryborough offers many luxurious and cheap accommodation options in hotels, motels and guesthouses which are:
  • Junction Motel
  • Wattle Grove Motel
  • Park Hotel
  • Supreme Court Hotel
  • Maryborough Guesthouse
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