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Redcliffe is a city located in the state of Queensland in Australia. The city is blessed with a breathtaking view of the golden beaches and lush green parks. This city by the Moreton Bay has its very own logo which has some of the integral things of Redcliffe like water, sun and cliffs represented in it. This city is not only a great place to live but also a popular tourist spot. The close proximity to the modern city of Brisbane has led to the growth of the Redcliffe city. The federal division within which the city falls is called Petrie. The Redcliffe city administration is the duty of the Redcliffe City Council. The council has a mayor, a deputy mayor and six councilors.

Redcliffe was the first city in Queensland which was chosen by the Europeans as their settlement. The city was originally a penal colony and as the place was a residential area of the red faced convicts the name Redcliffe was kept. The convict settlement was shifted to another place after a few years leaving Redcliffe deserted. In the second half of the nineteenth century with the development of agriculture situation began to change. With the building of roads in the 20th century the Redcliffe gained popularity and now it has evolved in to a modern city and a holiday destination.

The climate of Redcliffe is subtropical in nature. The summers are hot and most of the rainfall takes place during this season. The temperature is mildly cold during the winters. In the spring and during autumn there are regular thunderstorms which are severely destructive.

The natural splendours of the city of Redcliffe have made this city a popular tourist destination. Most of the people visit the city for a one day trip. The day trippers are mostly from Brisbane a big city nearby. The main attraction in the city is a swim in the lagoon. Enjoying a picnic or having a barbeque under the sun. The main places to visit while in Redcliffe are MacDonnell Road water tower, Redcliffe Jetty, Woody Point Jetty, Margate Beach, Redcliffe Museum, Scarborough Beach Park and Suttons Beach. To get a glimpse of the city’s history the Hornibrook Bridge and HMQS Gayundh shipwreck should be visited. One has to make a detour through the city of Redcliffe for visiting the Moreton Bay. Scarborough Boat Harbor and Newport Waterways Marina is located very near to the city. The two most popular festivals in the city which draws significant amount of tourists each year are the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht race and First Settlement Festival.

There are numerous hotels, motels inns and caravanparks in Redcliffe which provides a comfortable stay to the visitors. Some of the accommodations are:
  • Baringa Bed & Breakfast
  • Bayview apartments
  • Ainsile Manor
  • Anna’s bayside Bed and Breakfast
Redcliffe is connected by road and rail to Brisbane. It also has it very own airport which is located at the southern part of Deception bay.
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