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Mount Gambier

The city of Mount Gambier is located in state of South Australia. This city has evolved as the most popular tourism destination because of the natural abundance of the area. Mount Gambier is also known as the Blue Lake City. The pristine beauty of the mountains and the exoticness of the forests is the main reason behind growth of the tourism industry. The Mount Gambier city is located between Adelaide and Melbourne. The original name of this city was ‘Gambiertown’ and it was established in the year 1854. The founder of the city was Hastings Cunningham and it was named after Lord James Gambier. Though the town was established in the 19th century it got the status of a city only in 1954. The city is governed by the council which is headed by the mayor and has ten councilors under him. The city is divided in to two wards East and West from where the councilors are elected.

The climate in Mount Gambier is of temperate type. There is rainfall almost throughout the year and the average rainfall is about 709 millimeter per year. The winters are generally cold and wet but the summers are warm. The month of July experiences the maximum amount of precipitation every year.

Mount Gambier is a beautiful location blessed with pristine natural beauty. It is a city of caves, sinkholes, lakes and craters. The most famous is the large natural lake located in the crater of the volcano. The major places of attraction in Mount Gambier are the sunken garden, Vansittart Park, Blue Lake Sports Park, Aberfoyle gardens, Clarke Park, Cave Gardens and Laughton Park Gardens and Tearooms. Some of the places which depicts the heritage and tradition of the city are The Jail, Mount Gambier RSL Collection of Military Memorabilia, Dingley Dell, National Trust Old Court House and Nangwarry Forestry and Logging Museum.

The natural beauty of Mount Gambier is well preserved in the numerous National Parks and Inland parks. Some of the parks which can be visited from the city are Discovery bay Coastal Park, Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park, Lower Glenelg National Park and Canunda National Park. The most significant of all the natural wonders in this area is the Tantanoola Cave Conservation Park. The adventure tours in these parks and the caves are very popular with the tourists.

The most important places of attractions in Mount Gambier are:
  • Centenary Tower
  • The Blue Lake
  • The Crater lakes
  • Umpherston Sinkhole
There are wide range of hotels, motels inns and cottages in the city as this city has an important tourism scenario. Some of the hotels in Mount Gambier are:
  • Quality Inn Presidential
  • Best Western Southgate Motel
  • Quality Inn International
  • Flag Inn International

The tourists are given a wide range of option in the city. There are about 20 motels, caravan parks, Bed& Breakfast and hotels. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes where it every one would find something suitable to their taste.
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