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Cessnock is a small city located in the state of New South Wales in Australia. The city falls within the federal division of Hunter. The city’s location on the Hunter valley area has made it famous for wine tourism. There are about twenty five independent villages and towns within the city. This area was once known for its coal mines but now wine is the most significant thing of this area. The perfect wine from the number of wineries draws numerous tourists each year.

The aboriginals were the original natives of the region where the city of Cessnock is located right now. The tribes were badly affected by the European invasion. Diseases and mass killing were the main reasons behind the shifting of this age old tribes. The development of the township started since the mid 19th century and soon was connected to Sydney by a highway. In the early 20th century coal mining became an important part of the city’s economy and the South Maitland coalfield was formed. The mining industry saw its downfall in the second half of the 20th century. This led to significant change in the city’s characteristics and tourism grew as the main economic base.

Cessnock city is located in the Hunter Valley region thus has a moderately cool climate all through the year. The city is located by the Hunter River. The average annual temperature of the city is from 11 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius approximately. The city experiences an average annual rainfall of 748 millimeter.

Tourism is the main economic base of the city of Cessnock now. Wine is the main reason behind the popularity of this city as a tourist destination. The pristine beauty of the Watagan Mountains is also a major attraction. The three kinds of activities in which the tourists indulge mostly are hot air balloon rides, golfing and sky diving. The visitors to this city can also visit the various vineyard and wineries. One can taste wine free to ones hear content during these tours. However one should be careful about the blood alcohol limit propagated by the government of New South Wales. The Richmond Main Mining Museum can be visited to know about the history of the city.

There are a number of resorts, inns, hotels and guest houses in Cessnock. Names of few hotels are given in the list below:
  • Comfort Inn Cumberland
  • Tower lodge
  • Best Western Wine country Mtr
  • Quality Resort
Cessnock is connected to Sydney since the early days of colonization. There are a number of freeways which connects this city to Sydney. The city also has its very own airport which is small in size and has an aviation college operating there. Rover Motors conducts an elaborate and efficient bus service in this area.
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