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Charters Towers

Charters Towers, a city of northern Queensland, Australia is located on the Flinders Highway. Charters Towers lies 130km on the south-western part of Townsville. It is one of the most beautiful inland cities of Queensland. Charters Towers is located on an undulating country 138km east of the Great Dividing Range. It is a place which is well-known for its beef industry. Charters Towers was established during the 1870’s after gold was discovered in the region. Initially only shanty town dwellings came up in the area but after reef gold was discovered in the area the settlements became more permanent. The town witnessed a huge growth during the 1880’s and 1890’s and hundreds of gold mining companies came up in the region. A regional stock exchange was even established in Charters Towers. But when the gold production declined in 1912, the population also declined drastically. The stock exchange was closed in 1916.Now the city of Charters Towers is the host of many cultural activities and still maintains its historic appeal as a gold mining town. Charters Towers has a temperate type of climate with warm summers and cool winters. During summers, temperatures soar up to 36ºC or more in the months of December and January. The temperatures drop down to 12ºC during winter months of July and August. The maximum amount of rainfall occurs in the month of August and November. The best way to explore the Charters Towers town is through walking. The nearest highway is Flinders Highway which connects Charters Towers to the nearby cities. The nearest airport is the Townsville Airport which serves the local people and tourists. The Charters Towers is a culturally rich place which has the World Theatre, a performing arts theatre with 660 seats. The Country Music Festival of Charters Towers is one of the biggest cultural events of Queensland. This music festival provides a base for performers from all over the world, local performers and Australian artists to display their creative talents. This festival starts on the May Day long weekend and continues for three days. This festival of Charters Towers was first held in 1978 and since then has become one of the most popular music festivals of the Australian continent. Charters Towers has some of the most remarkable reminiscences of the 19th and 20th century architecture. Some of the popular tourist destinations in Charters Towers include:
  • Zara Clark Museum
  • Stock Exchange Building
  • Visitor Information and Orientation Centre
  • Ay-Ot Lookout
  • The Venus Gold Battery
  • Towers Hill Lookout
The Flat Rock camping reserve on the Burdekin River is an excellent place for swimming and fishing purposes. One can find many local shops in Charters Towers from where they can buy the locally made handicrafts and crafts items. Some of the popular restaurants in Charters Towers where you can find mouth-watering delicacies and cuisines are:
  • Henry’s
  • The Steakhouse Restaurant
  • Enterprise Hotel Steakhouse
  • Gold City Chinese Restaurant
  • Lissner’s Restaurant
While planning your vacation trip to Charters Towers, you can find excellent accommodation options at any of the following hotels:
  • Crown Hotel
  • Commercial Hotel
  • Rix Hotel
  • Enterprise Hotel
  • Court House Hotel
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