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Waterway Australia

Waterways in Australia are maintained by the Department of Environment and Conservation through the Waterways WA program. Most of the waterways in Australia are based in the tropical savannas region, particularly in Western Australia. All of these navigable rivers have a steep difference in the amount of flow during the summer and dry season. The tropical savannas region also has many inland flowing rivers like Bulloo, Copper Creek, Paroo and Diamantina which drain into Lake Eyre.

Waterways are generally divided into three broad categoriesócanal rivers, natural rivers and artificial canals. Australia also has a well-developed waterway system which includes both natural rivers and artificial canals. The Gippsland Lakes is the largest inland waterway system in Australia. This waterway system consists of five main lakes that are fed by four different rivers and cover an area of 400 square kilometres. The lakes also include many small islands, which are popular tourist spots, especially Raymond Island. Two of the Australian national parks, Lakes National Park and Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park are also located close to the lakes. The Gippsland waterway system is also the home to various birds and offers a wide variety of options for fishing. The lakes are separated from the ocean with the help of a striking narrow piece of coastal sand dunes which is known as the Ninety Mile Beach and is a major crowd-puller.

One of the longest navigable rivers of the world is located in Australia, the Murray river, which stretches for 2,700 kilometres, starting from the Great Dividing Range in north-eastern Victoria to Adelaide in South Australia. The Murray River is the home of 350 varieties of birds and many reptiles, mammals and other creatures. There are lots of activities which can be enjoyed at the river like boating, fishing, playing golf on the riverside course or take a walk along the banks of the river through natural bush land.

The High Country region has some of the most scenic waterways of Australia. This region has some well-known rivers like Delatite, Ovens, Howqua, King, Jamieson and Goulburn, which are famous for their scenic beauty. This region also has the popular Eildon River which has the capacity of holding more than six times of water than that in Sydney Harbour. Lake Eildon National Park is a favourite tourist destination which has open bushes on the northern side and dense vegetation on the southern ends. The High Country Region has many waterfalls like Bindaree, Woolshed, Paradise and Carmichael, all of which are famous tourist destinations especially during spring season.

Australia has a large river-body system, some of the most popular ones are:
  • Macquarie River
  • Margaret River
  • Victoria River
  • Wollondilly River
  • Yarra River
  • Mackenzie River Drysdale River
  • Finke River
  • Daly River
  • Dawson River
  • Ashburton River
  • Darling River
The waterways in Australia are an important means of transportation in several parts of the country. These Australian waterways are also the site of some of the most beautiful scenic spots in Australia and add a touch of uniqueness to Australia.
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