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Intra-city Transportation Australia

It has been noticed in the survey results of various studies carried out in Australia regarding transportation that, when it comes to intra-city transportation Australia, most people prefer avoiding public transport. This has obviously been generated due to the rising influx of more and more job-seekers in the country. The Australian economy is expanding by leaps and bounds, which is signified by the overcrowded public transport vehicles in all the capital cities of Australia. The critical condition of public transport in Australia is signified by the over-crowded buses and trains, along with the unending taxi queues in the country. Adding to this problem is the fact that there is not adequate means of public transport in the country, mostly owing to the fact that Australia until very recently, was sparsely populated, in fact the least populated of all inhabited countries in the world. It has mostly been noted among the urban population of Australia, that when it comes to availing intra-city transportation Australia, they prefer private cars. In fact, with the exception of the school bus, people in Australia literally travel to all places within Australia, in their private cars. This tendency for traveling in private cars in Australia, have mostly been witnessed among those Australians who have the privilege of living in or near a capital city and can use their own car to travel to all such happening spots as shopping centers, commercial areas and the governmental buildings. In fact, the trend to use private car for intra-city traveling within Australia, the government is slowly reverting to plans and schemes which would be beneficial to car-users. Hence, it has also been that shopping centers, cultural and commercial areas are continuously building bigger car parking slots. The trend has even been so regarding hospitals, wherein most patient arrive by their private means of transport. This increasing use of private cars for intra-city transportation in Australia has led to a serious constraint in the public transport services of the country. Situations have been such that, sometimes it is difficult to find public transport to crucial places within the city and at other times, fares are such that it is not quite affordable to many Australians. Matters have grown such worse that, today most people cannot have access to public transport for intra-city traveling because, they are not available in places where these Australians live. However, these days the government of Australia, is planning to implement plans and schemes which would better the public transport system in the country. Some intelligent planning is underway, and some of the most efficient steps regarding improving the condition of public transportation in the country are:-
  • Pensioner concessions will be given to users of public transport
  • The government has taken the responsibility of funding community transport
  • Funding the non-transport services so that they provide transport facilities to their commuters.
  • Transport brokerage schemes
  • Transport development within the major cities of Australia.
  • Providing public transport to all parts of a city, including the suburbs.
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