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Airways in Australia

Australia has a highly developed air transportation system since the country is a well preferred tourist destination of the world. A wide connectivity of airports in this country ensures that there are numerous airways in Australia that serve passengers at both the domestic and international levels. Although all the cities of Australia provide air connectivity to tourists and locals alike, and all Australian cities have individual airports, there are only a limited number of major airports that serve passengers with both international and domestic flights. The major airports of Australia are all situated in the metropolitan cities of the country and these are namely; the Darwin International Airport, the Kingsford Smith International Airport at Sydney, the Melbourne Airport, the Perth Airport, the Canberra International Airport, the Adelaide international Airport, the Brisbane Airport, the Gold Coast Airport, the Cairns International Airport and the Hobart International Airport. Apart from these major airports, Australia has over 305 airports with paved runways and nearly 143 airports with unpaved runways.

So many airports spread all across the country make it easy for the tourist to navigate all parts of the country with ease. These airports also help locals to travel to international destinations from their very own city. There are various airways based in Australia and there are others which provide passengers with direct and connecting flights to various metropolitan cities in Australia. It is always advisable to inquire in advance from travel agents about the exact timings of flights to the country. Air tickets are now available Online and some agents often offer air tickets at discounted prices, and some air travelers who travel to Australia with an option of traveling within Australia get overseas tickets at lower prices.

On an international level, Quantas and Virgin Blue are the best options which provide the best services to various destinations within the country. Quantas provides passengers with both economy and business class services and ticket prices are such that it will suit the budget of different kinds of passengers. Some of their tickets also have multi-stop passes and cut-price one-way tickets are provided for a limited period of time at various intervals throughout the year. Virgin Blue is the best option when tourists want to take inter-state flights within Australia. However, it should be noted that the prices of tickets on Virgin Blue is not varied and of all airways in Australia, this airline offers only economy class flights. For traveling to various tourist destinations within Australia, one can opt for local carriers that include both fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters and travel around Australia at budget rates. An option of air tour is also provided to visitors to Australia, some such air tour options include air tours to the outback of Australia. In order to travel to the Australian outback, the Kirkhope Aviation that operates flights from Melbourne is the best and most preferred option. Western Australia is best explored via the Geraldton Air Charter Pty Ltd. This provides tourists with the best scenic tours in the western part of the country. Apart from these, private planes are also a luxury option which can take individual travelers to various destinations within Australia.

Some of the airways based in Australia are:-
  • Air Link (Australia)
  • Air Whitsunday
  • Aircruising Australia
  • Pel-Air
  • Aero-Tropics Air Services
  • Aeropelican Air Services
  • Rossair (Australia)
  • West Australian Airways
  • Airlines of Tasmania
  • Pearl Aviation
  • Template:Airlines of Australia
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