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Inter-state transportation Australia

Australia offers a wide range of options for inter-state transportation like all developed nations. Inter-state transportation Australia includes cars, cycles, buses, planes, trains and water-transport facilities. Australia is a vibrating country which has lots of sight-seeing places that cannot be accessed without the different forms of inter-state transport facilities of Australia. Inter-state transportation Australia includes both public and privately-owned transport facilities.

The best way to get around Australia is through the inter-state bus services of Australia operating in the country. The main bus company of the Australian continent is Greyhound Australia which offers bus services around the whole country. Some other smaller services are also arranged by the company which cater to shorter distances. Few of the state specific bus services include Premier Stateliner in South Australia, Westrail in Western Australia, Firefly and V/Line in Victoria. Most of the bus services in Australia offer special discount rates for college students, YHA and approved cards. The Aussie Explorer Pass consists of 24 different routes around Australia, Australian Roamer Pass works according to kilometres. The Oz Experience Buses provides bus services to all major places of Australia and some of the sight-seeing places in Australia.

Inter-state transportation in Australia also includes car rental services in Australia, which are available all throughout the country. The best car rental agent in Australia is Avis Australia, which has more than 240 locations all around the Australian country. The company offers different kinds of rental cars like Holden Statesman, Renault Laguna, 4 WD Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Tarago, Rover 75 Connoisseur and Astra convertible among many others.

The train services in Australia are quite extensive. The leading rail services in Australia include Overland rail between Melbourne and Adelaide, Ghan rail line for travelling between Alice Springs and Melbourne and Indian Pacific serving Perth and Sydney. The Great South Pacific Express is the Orient Express of Australia which offers fashionable trains between Cairns and Sydney, apart from other railway services that operate in various local areas.

The three major airline companies in Australia are Virgin Blue, Regional Express and Qantas Airlines. The Qantas airlines offers interstate airlines between all major Australian cities while the Virgin Blue is a budget airline which offers services between each and every Australian territory. Regional Airlines is the biggest independent domestic airline group of Australia which operates flights between Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. Apart from these, there are others smaller airline companies as well which operate within Australia like Eastern Australia Airlines provides services within New South Wales, Skywest operates across Western Australia, Tasair operates around Tasmania, Sunstate operates within Queensland, Airnorth operates within Northern Territory and Northern Australia and Macair operates around Queensland.

Apart from these popular modes of inter-state transportation system in Australia, one may also tour around the country on a cycle. Although it is very tiring, but places Australia like Flinders Ranges, Murray River, around Tasmania and along the Great Ocean Road are popular spots for cyclists.

Inter-state transportation facilities galore in Australia and one can choose the one which is comfortable and is budget-friendly.
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