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Beach Australia

The Australian continent is blessed with the most amazing beaches of the world with crystal clear water and golden sand. Australian beaches have occupied a special place in the history of Australia for a very long period of time. The Australian coastline is the place where the Indian, Pacific and Southern Oceans. The coastline extends for more than 30,000km and if the coastal islands are also added then the total comes to 47,000km. The coastal areas of Australia include rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and mangrove swamps.

The Australian beaches have been visited by Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch people about 600 years ago. This is evident in the remains of the wrecked ships which are still there along the coastline. People have always found it difficult to ship in the Australian waters and this holds true even today. The Australian seas have been fished by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for thousands of years. Aboriginal people have also been engaged in a variety of occupations on the Australian beaches like whaling, sealing, fishing and oyster farming. Now tourism and related jobs have become the primary mode of occupation for people staying close the Australian beaches.

Among all the beaches in Australia, none of them are owned by private owners, all of them are meant for public use. The national parks along the beaches are popular tourist destination spots for Australian people. While some visitors and native prefer to relax at the beach, others enjoy snorkelling, parasailing, scuba diving, fishing, boating, diving, beach combing and other sea-adventures. Coastal sight-seeing is very rampant among people and as a result there are many scenic coastal drives along the Australian beaches. Several festivals are also organised on the beaches of Australia, especially during New Year’s Eve and Australia Day. On Australia Day, most of the Australian beaches host different citizenship ceremonies and organise for various entertaining programs. On Christmas Day, visitors usually visit Bondi Beach and this has almost become traditional for native people.

Australia has many amazing beaches and it is difficult to list all of them. Some of the well-known beaches of Australia are:
  • Bondi Beach
  • Cactus Beach
  • Manly Beach
  • Ninety Mile Beach
  • St Kilda Beach
  • Surfers Paradise Beach
  • Bell's Beach
  • Casuarina Beach
  • Wineglass Bay Beach
  • Noosa Beach
  • Clifton Beach
  • Scarborough Beach
  • Cottesloe Beach
Out of these, the Bondi Beach is the most popular and famous beach of Australia which is located near the shores of Sydney, this further adds to its popularity. This beach is one of the best places meant for scuba-diving. Bondi Beach is very active especially during the summers and the town of Bondi is also an exciting place to visit. There are many splendid cafes and restaurants in and around the Bondi Beach and Campbell Paradise is an excellent destination for shopping lovers. It is very easy to reach Bondi beach from Sydney because there are many buses which ply between Sydney and Bondi Beach.

The beaches of Australia have become an indispensable part of Australian topographical beauty and make Australia a paradise for all tourists. Australian beaches are perfect for enjoying a long weekend or vacation with your family and friends.
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