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Australia Travel Guide

Australia's topography and climate have made the country a much preferred tourist destination which is visited throughout the year by tourists from different countries. Hence, it is very natural that there are several Australia travel guides available in the market, which help tourists to explore and navigate the country in a better way. Any Australia travel guide needs to at first mention to the tourist the means of transportation through which people can reach the country and then explore the inland tourist destinations of the country. Australia can be reached both through water as well as through the air, but since, the country is located in the southern hemisphere, people prefer to travel to the destination via flights. Several leading companies offer direct flights to Australia from metropolitan cities across the world. Although there are many companies offering direct flights, there is also a wide abundance of connecting flights available in order to take tourists reach the major airports of Australia.

Australia offers its visitors a rich and varied platter of attractions and this is the main reason why Australia's tourism has grown into one of the biggest sectors of the country, responsible for generating around 11.1% of the country's GDP. All Australia travel guides aim at promoting an exotic, unexplored and friendly country, this trend has partly been influenced by Tourism Australia which is the official body responsible for promoting and developing the Australian tourism sector. Australia's tourism potential is enhanced by its tropical rain-forests, rare wildlife, endless sand and surf, unexplored and pure culture of the Aborigines and sports. The Australian cities can truly make one feel at home while on the other hand providing him with a European ambiance. Australia has several sights which are well-worthy of admiration around the world, but the country also possesses several other attractions which are still unexplored and these are the ones which has the highest appeal to an adventure and nature lover.

Before visiting Australia, it is very essential that the tourist collects information regarding the best times when Australia should be visited and these can be provided by any good Australia travel guide. Any Australian travel guide will state that the best times to visit Australia is the summer, which resumes from December and continues till February. However, it needs to be added that summers at times can get tremendously hot and even unbearable for certain European tourists, but it is also the time when the beaches can be a great place to visit as they gain a different tempo and spirit in the summer heat. It is a very good idea to explore the north of the country during the summers when the climate at the place is humid and the sea offers a rare view of box jellyfish. Winters in Australia are also not dampening and provides visitors with ample sporting activities like skiing. The season is the best time when visitors can enjoy skiing in Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. A tour to the country during the spring and autumn season also can be very relaxing and enjoyable since the weather then is quite bearable.

Australia has a high tourist potential and as such it is not hard to find proper accommodations in different parts of the country, but the most luxurious of accommodations are available at New South Wales and Victoria. However, it is not very hard to find affordable accommodations in most big cities like Sydney, Perth and Melbourne which are all teamed with modern facilities. In order to explore the interiors of the country, visitors have several options like a car-hire which can take them to various attractions within the country.
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