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Adventure Tourism Australia

Adventure tourism is a special kind of tourism which gives the explorers to feel an adrenalin rush and expect the unexpected to happen. Adventure tourism in Australia offers a wide variety of activities like rock-climbing, surfing and sail boarding, skiing and snowboarding, skydiving, scuba diving; parasailing, bungee jumping, snorkelling and exploring the outback are some of the most common adventurous activities enjoyed by thousands of visitors visiting Australia each year. If one is interested in these kinds of exciting adventurous activities then Australia is a must visit spot for those people as the major Australian cities and beaches offer a wide variety of these activities.

Among all kinds of adventure tourism in Australia, the most loved ones are the water activities as the Australian country boasts of an extensive stretch of coastline. Swimming, among all other water sports is the most common in Australia as there are many beaches like Bondi, Broulee, Mossy Point, Tomakin, Surf and the beaches at Durras. The beaches at the Broulee Island offer an excellent option for scuba diving and snorkelling activities. Batemans Bay in Canberra is another exciting spot for fishing, boating and jet skiing. Long Beach is also very popular with Jet Ski enthusiasts and a brilliant place to enjoy swimming.

Gold Coast is one of the most popular destinations of adventure tourism in Australia as it offers activities on air, land and in sea. If one likes land activities, then one can drive a Subaru WRX or any other car then one can visit any of the race tracks in Gold Coast. One can even ride the Bungee Rocket, located in Surfers Paradise and enjoy the thrilling experience of being a bullet himself. One can even enjoy a safari through forests, farms, waterfalls and 14 rivers. One can even enjoy mountain-biking at the mountains and valleys of Hinterland, Mount Tamborine and other mountainous areas of Gold Coast. One can take pleasure in the helicopter tours of the Gold Coast which allow the tourists to take some of the most spectacular photographs of the region. Surfers Paradise is truly a paradise for people who enjoy bungee-jumping, tandem jump of free fall, skydiving and similar activities. One can enjoy in the waters of Gold Coast where special buses are available which operate on land as well as sea. One can also have a ride on motorboats which can jump up to 50 knots in the seas or enjoy doing snorkelling. One can even try Kayaking at the Gold Coast seas and search for the dolphins at their natural habitat. White water rafting is excellent for people who enjoy adventure tourism.

Another brilliant place for adventure tourism in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef which is considered to be the Mecca for people interested in scuba diving. One can take long walks off the beaches and dive into the coral world or take charter boats which move further inwards into the sea.

However, people should be a bit careful while enjoying these adventure sports as these involves acts which are fearsome yet exciting. People should be particularly careful with small children as they might get afraid of these adventurous sports. On the contrary, it is this fear of uncertainty and excitement which makes adventure tourism special and Australia as a favourite destination for adventure tourism.
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