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Accommodation Australia

It is not hard to find suitable accommodation in Australia as the country is a booming tourist center in the world. Its beaches, the outland, the relaxing culture and sports-loving people attract tourists of all kinds from various parts of the world. Accommodation facilities in Australia are of various categories, some such are luxurious hotels, the discount and cheap categories of hotels, guest houses, dormitories, paying guest lodgings, the YMCA and YWCA accommodation facilities. Apart from these accommodations, Australia also has several other options for visitors who visit the country for a longer duration of time and rental apartments are aptly suited for these tourists. All the major cities and even suburbs of Australia have numerous options for accommodation and different kinds of accommodation are suited to tourists of different kinds. Like for the business or leisure traveler, the 5 star accommodations within the vicinities of the mainland are most suitable while for tourists looking for some affordable accommodation options, the discount hotels in the suburbs are appropriately suited. While dormitories and YMCA and YWCA are very suitable for adventurous backpackers traveling in groups, for students visiting the country for research purposes, hostels are the best form of lodging.

While it is not very hard to locate the luxury hotels which are always very popular and the discount hotels that crowd the suburbs of the country, it can sometimes get tough to locate paying guest accommodations, dormitories and hostels in the Australian mainland. In order to provide students and backpackers with affordable accommodation, Australia has a YMCA association which has various accommodation facilities in different cities of Australia. However, the YMCA works on the criterion that a tourist will be provided accommodation in the hostel of the respective city only if he is visiting that city for the moment. The tourist will no longer be granted accommodation in the YMCA hostel of one city if he starts visiting another city. Some of the places where YMCA accommodations are situated are; the QLD Brisbane in hotel George Williams, the WA Perth in the YMCA Jewell House, the ACT Canberra in Bush Capital Lodge and the NT Darwin at the YMCA Darwin which is a backpacker accommodation.

The YWCA accommodations are available at the Jasper hotel in Melbourne, the Banyan View Lodge at Darwin and the Y hotel in Sydney. Some of the bunkhouses or dormitories which are widely preferred by tourists in the main cities of Australia are the Kirra Beach house at Queensland which charges $280 to 500 for a maximum of 12 persons, the Aquarius Backpacker Southport in Queensland which has 50 bedrooms and capacity enough to accommodate upto 85 persons and the Next Backpackers in Hervey Bay which is undoubtedly the most stylish of all hostel accommodations in the place. In order to find suitable paying guest accommodations, one may go through any of the paying guest forums that provide tourists with a friendly accommodation option at budget prices. Rental Apartments are the newest addition to the list of affordable accommodations in Australia and are easily found in all the major cities of the country.
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