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Swimming Pools in Australia

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Australia. Australian swimmers are a regular feature in the list of Olympic medal winners. Australia has won 78 gold medals in the Olympic Games till date, out of which 40 have been won at the pool. Due to the immense popularity of swimming as an adventure, there are many swimming pools in Australia. These swimming pools are of various sizes and styles and are located in all the major Australian cities. The swimming pools of Australia have a very high range of memberships since people enrol themselves at these swimming pools from a very young age.

Swimming pools are generally believed to have been based on the idea of the Great Bath of Mohenjo-Daro, which was the oldest known swimming pool being dug in the 3rd century B.C. thereafter many new varieties and sizes of swimming pools have been built in the past centuries. While some of the swimming pools are meant for public use there are some which are meant for private use only and are sometimes located within the boundaries of a single house. Both these types of swimming pools are very popular in Australia. Another new variety, the portable swimming pools have also gained a popular base in Australia. These pools are very easy and fast to be set up and are much more relaxing than the conventional ones. These portable pools have a plastic liner and metal ring on top which makes them highly durable, but these are much smaller to that of concrete inground swimming pools.

All of the major hotels in Australia like Quality Hotel Sheridan Plaza, Springwood tower, Hotel Kurrajong, Avillion Hotel, Crown Towers, Quality Suites Clifton on Northburne, Star City Hotel and Apartments and others have their private swimming pools. These hotels offer the modern and state-of-the-art facilities in these swimming pools. These swimming pools are not meant for public usage and hence are very popular with the tourists visiting Australia.

The most important thing which should be kept in mind about swimming pools is that they should be kept extremely clean and the water should be chlorinated from time-to-time. This is essential in order to avoid the spreading of water-borne diseases as different kinds of people practice swimming in pools. Moreover, people should be prevented from washing clothes or bathing with soaps while in the pools as this spreads different kinds of diseases. These are the basic guidelines which are followed quite religiously in all the swimming pools of Australia.

Australia is a country where swimming is a very popular form of recreation and sport as well. As a result there are many swimming pools in various cities of Australia. Some such swimming pools of major Australian cities are:
  • Somerset Swimming Academy
  • Palm Beach Olympic Pool
  • Brisbane swimming club
  • Chandler Aquatic Centre
  • Fortitude Valley Pool
  • Hawthorn Aquatic & Leisure Centre
  • Hawthorn Swimming Clinic
  • Armidale Aquatic Centre
  • Bathurst Olympic Pool
  • Cityfit Fitness Club
  • Australian Institute Of Sport
  • Canberra Olympic Pool & Health Club
  • Canberra Olympic Pool
  • Smoothies Canberra City
  • Dickson Aquatic Centre
  • Active Leisure Centre
  • Melbourne City Baths
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