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Australian Netball

Australian netball has always remained popular with women, although the game is quite a popular sport in schools and other communities and is even widely popular on a professional level across Australia, boys have always remained on the periphery of the game in the country. Netball Australia, the official body responsible for governing all netball activities within the country has played a very active part in taking Australian netball to new heights of professionalism. Although, netball in Australia has always remained a woman-dominated territory, these days more and more men are getting involved in the game. However, it is still witnessed that even umpires, coaches and administrative officials of the game are female. Interesting Australian netball is the only sport in the country which witnesses maximum involvement of women and it has been recorded that the game enjoys maximum popularity in the country and also maximum has maximum players playing it.

Australian netball is promoted at a domestic level within the country through the Commonwealth Bank Trophy that started in 1997 and prior to this the popularity of the game was largely promoted through the Australian National Netball Championships that started in 1923. All these championships are organized under the jurisprudence of the official body for all netball activities in Australia called Netball Australia. Netball Australia found form in 1927 because of the result of a joint meeting on the part of the Interstate Basketball carnival and the All Australia Women's Basket Ball Association. At the time, Netball Australia was called the National Body for Netball in Australia. The association was the result of a joint initiative taken on the part of 5 different women's associations that were associated with women's basketball. The associations are namely; the New South Wales City Girls Amateur Sports Association, the Queensland Australian Ladies basketball Association, the Western Australia Basketball Association of Perth, the Melbourne Girls basketball Association of Victoria and the South Australian Women's Basket ball Association. Tasmania could only become part of the association after it took part in the carnival basketball games in 1933. The Northern Territory an the Australian Capital Territory became members respectively in 1977 and 1975.

1970 is a significant year in the history of Australian netball since, this was the year when Australian sports officials decided to call Australian basketball as netball and hence, it was re-birth for Australian netball. Within the Netball Australia board, there are members of every state within the country and decisions are taken on the basis of a joint agreement of all these representatives. The popularity of Australian netball is chiefly due to the success of the team at domestic and international levels. The Australian national netball team won the World Tournament in 1971 and repeated the feat in 1975. The national netball team had again regained the title of World Champions in 1983, 1995 and 1999. At the domestic level, Australian netball was promoted through club carnivals since 1976. The Australian youth netball team has also remained highly successful, with the team retaining the title of world champions in 1996 and 2000. The Australian netball team has also had a good fortune at the Commonwealth Games where they had won gold in 1998 and 2000.
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