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Australian Cricket Board

The Australasian Cricket Council, established in 1892, was the first organized administrative body or an Australian cricket board, that was responsible for looking after the functioning of Australian cricket which had assumed international status during the time. The council was a result of the joint endeavors of the cricketing associations of the various states of Australia, primarily New south Wales, Victoria and South Australia. However, inner conflicts disrupted the council from functioning in 1899 and Australian cricket was left without any guiding administrative unit uptil 1905 when, the Australian Board of Control for International Cricket was formed. This new board was the result of an initiative on the part of the country to take Australian cricket to new heights of glory. The new Australian Board of Control for International Cricket initially attracted the interests of 2 states, New South Wales and Victoria. Queensland and South Australia later joined the association and the constitution for cricket in Australia was amended in its second meeting in 1906.

However, Tasmania was included within the new board only in 1907 and Western Australia became a member of this board in 1913. The Australian Board of Control for International Cricket underwent minor changes in its early years with only the exception of 1914 when Queensland was allowed to be represented by 2 delegates from the state. A similar change also took place again in 1974 when Western Australia too was granted permission of 2 delegates in the board. In 1973 it was decided that the name Australian Board of Control for International Cricket was no longer suitable and it was decided that the board would be called Australian Cricket board. But the association has also not stuck with this name and very recently on July 1st, 2003 the board decided to call itself Cricket Australia.

The Australian cricket board has had a series of successful chairmen who have managed the organization with deft hands and shrewdness. The present chairman of the board is Creagh O'Connor who has succeeded Bob Merriman in the role of the 35th chairman in the October of 2005. Like any other association, the Australian cricket board has also had its share of ups and downs and similar periods of controversy. Some of the most notable of these controversies include the event of 1912 when a serious dispute arose between the board officials and a number of senior players. The next dispute within the board was in reference to the “Bodyline” series that took place during the time of Don Bradman in the series of 1932 to 1933. The next dispute to arise within the Australia cricket board was during the World series cricket of the 70's, another serious conflict between the board members and the players took place when the team staged some rebel tours to South Africa in the 80's and the threat of strike by Australian players to the board in 1997.

The very first chairman to spearhead the Australian cricket board was Richard Treece from 1892-1893, but it was Allen Robertson who created history by serving the longest terms as the chairman of the Australian Cricket board. He served as chairman from 1930-33, from 1936-45 and once again from 1948-51. The legendary Australian cricketer, Don Bradman was also chairman of the cricket board from 1960-63 and also from 1969-72.
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