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Australian Cricket

The origin of Australian cricket can be traced back to 1877 when for the first time the country played as a team in the Test match against colonial masters, England. The match heralded the rise of a new and strong cricketing nation by the name of Australia and a team which would go on to become the strongest of all teams in the history of the game. Ever since its days of inception, Australian cricket has shown great promise and the turning point in the nation's history was the match the team played at the Oval in 1882 against England. This was the game in which Fred Spofforth played a path-breaking game and led Australia to establish themselves as equal rivals of England. The match gave birth to the famous championship of Australian cricket called the Ashes which is also the first competition which took Australian cricket to an international level. This championship was also the first championship to be organized in the history of cricket and till today remains as the toughest of all competitions in international cricket.

Immediately after the Ashes, the Sheffield Shield became a pioneer in heralding first-class cricket championships and this match was also played between Australia and England. Bodyline cricket was introduced in Australian cricket in the 1920's when Don Bradman began his cricketing career but ever since, this form of game has been a continuous characteristic of Australian cricket. Australian cricket lacked success at the beginning of the 80's but soon gained impetus after strong captaincy by Allan Border. Continuous captaincy by a series of successful Australian captains once again took the team to the pinnacle of success and from the 90's to the present day, Australian cricket has held the top position on the ladder of international cricket.

The most glorious period in Australian cricket was ushered in the 21st century with Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting as successive captains who ruled the team with shrewdness and took the team to glorious wins in numerous matches. At the domestic level too Australian cricket is highly organized with scope for numerous championships in which local players can brush their talent and qualify for international cricket. Australian women's cricket has also met with continuous success in recent years and has been able to gain 5 titles in the World cups.

Australian cricket is administered by the Australian cricket board which in recent years has assumed the name of cricket Australia. The Australia cricket board started out as the Australasian cricket council in the March of 1892 but only in 1905 did the organization manage to gain an official status and transformed into the Australian board of control for international cricket. The body consisted of representatives from all the states of Australia. Finally in 1973, the board changed its name to the Australian Cricket board and once again an identity reversal took place in 2003 when Cricket Australia was adopted as the official name of the Australian cricket board. All championships that are played within the country at the domestic or the international level are administered by Cricket Australia.
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