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South Australia

South Australia is an Australian state located in the southern part of the country. It is the fourth largest state of Australia and ranks fifth in terms of population. Adelaide is the capital of this state and also the most populous area of South Australia. South Australia comprises of some of the most arid areas of the Australian continent.

The first settlement on the coast of South Australia was seen in 1627. The province of South Australia was established by the South Australia Act of 1834. The colony was proclaimed on 28 December 1836 and this day is now celebrated as the ‘Proclamation Day’.

On 27 August 1970, the government of South Australia adopted the hairy-nosed or plains wombat as the faunal emblem of the state. It is one of the most common mammals found in Australia and this faunal emblem can be used without taking permission from the Protocol Office. The floral emblem of South Australia, Sturt’s Desert Pea was adopted on 23 November 1961. The flower is protected in South Australia and has been used on the 20 cent stamp of South Australia.

The present flag of South Australia was adopted officially by the South Australian government in the year 1904. The flag consists of a defaced Blue Ensign with the state badge located in the corner. The state badge has a gold disc which features a Piping Shrike, a type of magpie, with its wings stretched out. On 13 January, 1904, the previous Aborigine-Britannia badge was abolished and replaced with the modern-day Shrike badge. It is believed that the stylization of this bird was based on Imperial German heraldic eagle.

South Australian government has a constitutional monarchy with the Queen of Australia at its head. South Australia is a division of the Commonwealth of Australia from 1901. It is based on the Westminster system and is bicameral in nature. The legislative powers lie with the Parliament of South Australia. South Australia has two legislative bodies, the South Australian Legislative Council and South Australian House of Assembly. The election of legislative members is held after every four years. The South Australian state is regulated by a Cabinet government in which the Governor takes advice from the Council of Ministers on important issues. The Cabinet of Ministers is headed by the Premier. The cabinet consists of 13 ministers who may be the members of Legislative Council or House of Assembly.

The South Australian Parliament began in the year 1857 when the colony of South Australia gained the self-government status under the new constitution. Previously, a colonial system of government existed in South Australia, which was ruled by the Governor who was in turn answerable to the British Crown. After 1857, South Australia gained self-governing status and the Parliament was now responsible to the Australian people. The South Australian Parliament makes the laws which govern the state. The current Premier of South Australia is Mike Rann who is a member of the Australian Labor Party. The Labor Party under the able guidance of Mike Rann formed the government on 6 March 2002.
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