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Australian Commonwealth Government

The Australian Commonwealth Government is the name assigned to the federal government of this country. The Commonwealth government of Australia is responsible for the administration of this country. The government can be divided into three parts legislature, judiciary and executive. The functional head of the commonwealth government is the Prime Minister and the de jure head is the Queen of England. The Governor General is the representative of the Queen in Australia. In 1901 the commonwealth of Australia was formed when the British colonies were merged together. The main characteristic of the Australian government is that it is federal kind of government.

Australian Parliament is dived in to two parts the House of Representatives and the Senate. There are numerous departments of the Senate and the House of Representatives. There are also a number of departments which are dedicated to a range of parliamentary services. The parliamentary committees are present to observe and scrutinize the various activities of the government. These committees act as a bridge between the government and the individual citizens. These committees comprises of members of the parliaments and the representatives to the Senate.

The Australian cabinet is an integral part of its parliament and the government. The cabinet members are chosen by the Prime Minister and appointed by the Governor General. The cabinet members of the government are generally members of the majority party who are in power. The main ob of the cabinet is to hold regular meetings and advice the Prime Minister. Australia also has a post of Deputy Prime Minister. Apart from the cabinet ministers there are other ministers but the cabinet ministers are allocated the most important departments of the ministry.

The Australian judiciary is divided into a number of parts. The most recent Australian court is the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia. The federal court of Australia and the high courts can also be included in the Australian court hierarchy. Family court of Australia and Australian Industrial Relations Commission is a unique feature of this country. The Christmas Island, Cocos Island and Norfolk Island are the three territories in Australia which have their own Supreme Courts.

The Australian government is divided in to a number of departments and agencies. The names of some of the departments are Defence, Health and Ageing, Communications, Information Technology & the Arts, Finance & Administration, Transport & Regional Services, Education, Science & Training and Treasury.

The public holidays of Australia vary with the different territories. Some of the common public holidays in this country are New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labour Day and Christmas Day. There are a number of show holidays in Australia. Mabo day is another holiday which is widely celebrated in Australia by different indigenous communities.
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