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Nine Network

Nine Network or the popularly known Channel Nine is a famous television network of Australia, which is based in Willoughby, a suburban area on the northern shore of Sydney. The programmes of Nine Network are telecast to different regional stations all over Australia from this studio at Willoughby. It is one of the leading free-to-air channels of Australia, which has the catch line “Still The One”. The catch line depicts the past glory of Nine Network as the most popular television network of Australia. The channel was famous because it provided comprehensive information on topics like entertainment, news, sport, current affairs and news. The Nine Network is the highest rated Australian television channel. Till date, Nine Network was defeated only once in its terms of popularity by its rival network, Seven Network. The Nine Network has used several logos since its inception and the latest one was introduced on 30th January 2006.

The Nine Network and the Packer family have played an instrumental part in the history of Australian television broadcasting. The history of Nine Network dates back to the year 1956 when Frank Packer’s company, Television Consolidated Ltd., launched the TCN-9 station in Sydney. The channel became one of the first four commercial stations, which was licensed by the Australian government. The TCN-9 station telecasted its first show, ‘This Is Television’ on 16 September 1956, which was hosted by Bruce Gyngell. The Nine Network became the first station, which began telecasting programmes on a regular basis.

In the year 1957, the Nine Channel started a partnership with HSV-7 channel of Melbourne and thereby became the first commercial TV network. This collaboration however did not last long and in 1963, Frank Packer started the National Television Network with GTV-9 in Melbourne, NWS-9 in Adelaide and QTQ-9 in Brisbane. This collaboration was the basis of Nine Network and Frank Packer was the owner of only two stations, that of Sydney and Melbourne.

In December 1987, Kerry Packer sold the rights of TCN-9 and GTV-9 to Bond Media. In July 1990, Packer reacquired the rights of Nine Network for only $200 million. In the year 1997, TCN-9 channel ventured into digital television tests in the southern Hemisphere. When Kerry Packer passed away in the year 2005, his son James Packer inherited the company. On 9th February 2006 Eddie McGuire became the new CEO of the Nine Network.

Some of the popular Australian shows which are shown on the Nine Network include Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show, Comedy Inc., Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Temptation, Getaway, Quizmania, The Footy Show, The Catch-Up and What’s Good For You among many others. Most of the programmes, which are telecasted on the Nine Network, are borrowed from the United States of America. Some of the popular American shows which are telecasted on the Nine Network are ER, Super Nanny, Survivor, The Nine, Runaway, Without a Trace, Gilmore Girls, Justice, The Apprentice, CSI: Miami, Close to Home, Men in Trees, Kidnapped and so on.

On 12 March 1998, Nine Network launched its online website collaborated with the Microsoft Corporation and the online website is known as ninemsn. This website is accessed by over 75% of the Australian Internet users. Ninemsn delivers some of the most well known Nine Network television programmes and also provides access to the popular communication services of Australia.

Nine Network has successfully maintained its position as the most popular television network of Australia.
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