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ABC Canberra

The ABC Canberra is the local radio station of the Australian Capital Territory and is affiliated with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It is available on 666 frequency and for that reason it is also known as 666 ABC Canberra. The ABC Canberra radio station has maintained its popularity with the Australian population for the past many decades.

The ABC Canberra has a rich history, which dates back to the year 1953 when it first started broadcasting in the month of January. This was the second ABC programme in the Australian national capital as Radio National was the first channel, which had started broadcasting in the year 1938. The ABC Canberra station was linked to the national broadcasting service with the help of a line from Sydney.

Since the 666 ABC, Canberra had a lower power and higher frequency. It did not have the same coverage as Radio National station. As a result of this, ABC Canberra started serving the local community with indigenous programmes. Radio National covered the regional programmes. In the year 1975, the ABC Canberra was changed from 1540 kilocycles to 1440 kHz and then again in the year 1983, it shifted back to the 666 kHz and has remained there till date.

The ABC Canberra broadcasts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There are various programs in breakfast, morning, afternoon, evening, night sessions. The daily weekly schedule includes the morning sessions on weather and news of the rural areas, current affairs programme, followed by World Today, afternoon sessions, drive sessions, evening programmes and nightlife and overnight programmes. The programme schedule is slightly altered on the weekends as there are special gardening tips and session with Genevieve Jacobs and grandstand members giving the latest sport updates. On Sunday nights, there is a special talk session during nights and other interesting interactive sessions.

The different ABC Canberra presenters for these sessions include:
  • Ross Solly- Breakfast session
  • Sarina Locke- Rural Reporter
  • Alex Sloan- Morning session
  • David Kilby- Afternoon session on weekdays
  • Louise Maher- Drive Presenter
  • Genevieve Jacobs- Gardening
  • Tim Gavel-Sport
Apart from these there are many other presenters as well. There is a special Grandstand team, which brings the latest happenings in the world of sports and gives the latest gossips about these sport personalities.

There is a special 666 Club of ABC Canberra radio station where viewers are allowed to post their comments on the programmes based on their like and dislikes. One can enrol himself in this club by filling up a simple online form. There is also a provision of 666 guestbook on the official website where one can simply express their view on various topics. The ABC Canberra Breakfast Letters is also an open forum for people to express their comments about the topics, which they would like to hear on the radio channel.

The ABC Canberra does not have the facility of listening to music directly transferred to the personal computers. However, it does have the podcasting service and the only programme, which can b e downloaded using the podcasting software is the music review panel of David Kilby, named ‘On the Beat n Track’.

The ABC Canberra has and still aims to entertain its viewers with better programmes and a positive feedback from the viewer’s end about their preferences.
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