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The Advocate

The Advocate is the local newspaper of Burnie, Tasmania and Western Australia. The newspaper is very popular in the Northwest Tasmanian cities like Devonport and Ulverstone as well. The Advocate enjoys a wide circulation and wide circulation among the local districts of Western Australia and is read by around 91% of the total population of Burnie. The Advocate is one of the early newspapers of the Australian country and is published by the Harris Group.

The Advocate has an interesting and fascinating history since its time of publication. The Advocate was first published in the year 1891 and was previously known as “The Wellington Times”. However, it was later renamed as “The Emu Bay” in the year 1897. The Advocate was then made a part of the “The North Western Advocate” in the year 1899 and finally in the year 1916, was again renamed as The Advocate.

Apart from the published edition, The Advocate also has an online edition, which is very informative and popular among the readers. The online edition of The Advocate has the various sections including video news, sport and the news section, which includes all types of news, be it political, international, national or any other topic. The online edition also focuses on local, national, world and sports news, real estate, jobs, classifieds, weather, lifestyle, blogs, editorial letters, entertainment, various competitions, local clubs and events and an audio and video section like all other leading dailies. The important news is constantly highlighted and is meant to draw the attention of the people.

The online edition of The Advocate is very attractive and informative as well. The video news section in the online edition of The Advocate is dedicated to the interesting gossips from the film and entertainment industry, while the sports section provides news about local sports events and local sports personalities. Apart from these regular sections, The Advocate also has a section on sudoku for sudoku-fans and a horoscope section as well. The online edition also has some interesting stories, which are featured, in the lifestyle section. The relax section is mostly meant for the younger generation and caters to their various needs.

The ‘news extra’ section offers interesting stories on various topics like animals, childcare, pet care and others. On the other hand, the habitat section in the online edition of The Advocate is an informative section about the current problems related with environment and endangered species. The section on good life mostly deals with healthy eating habits and useful tips on health. The innovation section is mostly concentrated on different types of scientific issues and cyber-related crimes in the local society and is an eye-opening section. Thus all these sections in the online edition provide ample information on local as well as international issues.

The weekly subscription of The Advocate is priced at $6.10 pw but local residents who have delivering agents need not pay any extra cost at all. The intrastate subscription for Monday to Friday is $2.13 pw and for Saturday is $2.33 pw. In case one desires to receive The Advocate by airmail for Monday to Friday the rate is $2.57 and for Saturday it is $2.77.
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