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The Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review is the premier business newspaper of Australia, which is published from Monday to Saturday in the form of a tabloid. The Australian Financial Review is published by the Fairfax Media and has several nicknames like AFR, the Fin Review and the Fin. The Australian Financial Review has been functioning for the last 50 years as the premier authority on investment, finance and business related issues in Australia. According to the survey of March 2006, the circulation of Australian Financial Review for Monday to Friday was 85,537 and for Weekend Financial Review it was 85,392 in a week. At present the editor-in-chief is Michael Gill and editor is Glenn Burge.

The Australian Financial Review has a rich history, which dates back to the year 1951 when it was launched in August. It was originally launched as a weekly newspaper and became bi-weekly in 1961 and in the year 1963 it became a daily publication. The Australian Financial Review Magazine was launched in the year 1995 and thereafter, a website was launched in the month of June in the same year. In September 1997, Australian Financial Review Weekend Edition was launched and in March 2000 the AFR BOSS was launched. In June 2006, the AFR Access was started as a single subscription range service and combined a wide of information and became a powerful toolkit for different types of funds. The Australian Financial Review has always supported economic rationalisation policies of the government.

The Australian Financial Review always tries to meet the needs of its users by being flexible, fast, factual and focussed. It is flexible because it is very easy to find articles in Australian Financial Review. It is focussed on the requirements of investors and business people, fast in giving a concise view of various ideas and does not give any exaggerated views to its readers. The sections, which appear daily in Australian Financial Review, include market wrap, property, world, companies, need to know, chanticleer, information, financial services, early general news and rear window. Apart from these, there are certain special editions too like:
  • Monday—education, marketing and media, property-rural and sports review
  • Tuesday—workspace, property-tourism, information lift-out and enterprise
  • Wednesday—portfolio, managed funds and property-tourism/industrial/commercial
  • Thursday—men’s health, special reports, art and salesroom and property-industrial/tourism/commercial
  • Friday—legal affairs, property-residential, AFR monthly magazine, recruitment, professional services, life and leisure, AFR BOSS monthly magazine and review
  • Saturday—perspective, market wrap, smart money, news, life and leisure and business.

The Australian Financial Review also has an online edition, which comprises different sections on markets, residential property, economy, commercial property, funds, stocks and the latest political issues.

The AFR Magazine is included along with the regular edition of Australian Financial Review on the last Friday of every month and focuses on the latest trends in politics, leisure, business and arts.

The AFR BOSS is a monthly magazine, which issues the name of the current leaders from the business world. The magazine also features on the latest product launches by different brands from all over the world.

The Australian Financial Review is one of the most reliable sources of information on business and economic matters in Australia.
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