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Adelaide Advertiser

The Adelaide Advertiser is regarded as the most widely read newspaper in Australia that circulates some of the best quality journalism in the country. Although the city of Adelaide in southern Australia has many magazines and newspapers in publication, the Adelaide Advertiser is considered to be the best newspaper in circulation within the city. It is also the most preferred newspaper of the citizens of Adelaide and has successfully been able to hold on to its numero-uno position in the city ever since its publication in 1858. For years together, and till today, the Adelaide Advertiser has remained a priced asset of the Australian print media. The Adelaide Advertiser has its head office at 31 Waymouth Street in Adelaide and holds the record of being the highest circulated newspaper in the city.

The early editors of the Australian Adelaide are not very significant in the entire history of the daily local newspaper, but the name of Sir John Bonython deserves special mention in this regard. It was due to the undying efforts of Sir Bonython that the Adelaide Advertiser scaled new heights of success and popularity. Sir Bonython had remained proprietor of the Adelaide Advertiser from 1893 to 1929, and his innovative business skills helped to establish the Adelaide Advertiser as the most popular daily in the region. Bonython's support towards the Federation of Australia, helped to establish the Advertiser as a name to reckon with in the Australian political scenario. Although the Adelaide Advertiser started coming into print as a broadsheet, it changed its print status in 1997, when it started to be published in the compact tabloid form.

The Adelaide Advertiser has always been in strict competition with The Australian, another broadsheet published in the area. However, till date the Adelaide Advertiser continues to dominate the south Australian market with its high-quality journalism. During the years of Sir Bonython, the Adelaide Advertiser was hailed as a most significant newspaper in Australia, passing strong judgments on the current political condition of the country. However, on browsing through the later editions of this newspaper it will be noticed that, the newspaper gradually grew conservative in nature. The proprietorship of the paper passed into the hands of the News Corporation in 1990. This proved to be a major business setback and the Adelaide Advertiser changed its format into the compact tabloid form to win back its lost readership.

The Adelaide Advertiser, more popularly known as simply The Advertiser, publishes its weekday issues from Monday to Saturday with a special edition on Sunday called, The Sunday Mail. Its high readership is largely owing to the fact that, it covers all aspects of news be it political, social, sports, entertainment or leisure related. Besides in the field of classified advertising, the Adelaide Advertiser publishes the highest and best of advertisements in the sectors of real estate, employment and on other related topics. However, the main reason behind Adelaide Advertiser's popularity with south Australians is because, it provides the people in the region with the most trusted information and latest news updates.
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