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Real Estate Australia

Real estate in Australia is growing as a major section of business with leaps and bounds. The rates of real estate vary with the different states. Australia is a very scantly populated country so the price of land is not very high every where. The population of Australia is concentrated in the major cities of the country thus the price of the real estate in the major cities are also high. In the main cities like Sydney, Darwin, South Australia, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth there are numerous real estate agents. The real estate agents of Australia also sometimes sell land or property in New Zealand and other parts of the world.

The major types of real estate available in Australia are houses, apartments, townhouses, holiday accommodations and units. Commercial real estate property, holiday rental properties and residential real estates are mostly in demand in Australia.

Rentals for residential purposes are the major demand of the Australians. Units and apartments are the two main kinds of rental properties. Holiday rentals in certain cities of Australia are also in demand. As some of the coastal areas of Australia has very recently evolved as a famous tourist destination there is a high demand of lands for building hotels and resorts. Many people are also opting to buy lands in the Oceania region for building their vacation homes. The thriving economy of the country of Australia has resulted in the demand of commercial properties. There is a great demand of places for different kinds of industries in the major cities especially in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

There are various organizations and banks provide the buyers with home and property loans in Australia. HSBC and Commonwealth Bank of Australia are the two banks which are provider of most of the loans in this country. Wizard Home Loans, RAMS Home Loans and Smartline Home Loans are the three major non bank companies providing loans.

With the real estate business the interior design companies are also beginning to grow. Interior designers are in recent times involved in both commercial and residential property.

Some of the real estate agents of Australia:
  • Action Realty Wollogong
  • Adelaide Buyer Agent Property Services
  • Barry Myatt Realty
  • Barry Plant Doherty Real estate
  • Cairns Accommodation Realty
  • Chambers Fleming Professionals Real Estate
  • Dowling Commercial Real Estate
  • Nowra First National Real Estate
  • Realway Property Consultants Centenary
  • Shoreline Real Estate
  • Syndica Property Group
  • Terry Giles First National
  • Waldorf Australia Group
  • Whitsunday Prestige Properties Private Limited
  • Zest Properties Old Private Limited
The real estate business in Australia has a number of people involved in it. This industry is a growing one and with it the numbers of people involved in it are increasing day by day.
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