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Australia Telecommunication

As Australia is one of the developed nations in the world the telecommunication in this country is also state of the art. The major company which dictates the telecommunication industry in Australia is ‘Telstra’. The first telephone line of Australia started in Melbourne and the exchange set a record when in 1884 7,757 calls were handled. There is a community called the Telecommunication Society of Australia which is a meeting place for the professionals related to this field. Through various activities the community aspires for the growth of technology of telecommunication in this country.

The telecommunication companies operating in Australia are Telstra, AAPT, Powertel, Optus, Telecom, Primus, Soul and Vodafone. Telstra is the largest telecommunications industry in Australia and the name Telstra is almost synonymous to the Australian telecommunication. The company began its operation since 1975 as ‘Australian Telecommunication Commission’ and in 1989 its name was changed to Australian Telecommunication Corporation. Telstra provides all kinds of services like mobile, voice, pay television and internet.

The telephone network of Australia is made of optical fibers and from the local exchanges every household is connected by copper lines. The satellites systems C1 and B3 are used in the remote areas for domestic purposes. In Australia there is a very good telephone service both at the international and domestic level.

Mobile phones in Australia:
The telecommunication technology used by the mobile companies of Australia is mainly of second generation and third generation. Global System for Mobiles and Code Division Multiple Access are the two second generation networks which is used by almost 98% of Australians. The services are provided in almost 21% of Australia and along the major highways. From 2003 the three generation networks are in operation in this country which provides wireless digital service of great quality. Hutchison and Telstra have both decided to opt for the third generation mobile communication technology. The government of Australia has significantly contributed towards the growth of the mobile phone technology and has already invested about $145 million. The government has also come up with the ‘Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme’ to assist the people who are devoid of terrestrial mobile phone coverage. The entire country including the external territories is covered by the satellite mobile phone service. The list comprising of the names of the mobile phone service giver of Australia is given below:
  • Boost
  • Mobile Innovations
  • Vodafone
  • Austar Mobile
  • Oracle Telecom
  • Primus Telecommunication
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Telstra MobileNet
  • Southern Cross Mobile
  • Globalstar Australia Pty Limited
  • Fone Zone
There are about 10.82 million main telephone lines and 14.35 million mobile lines in Australia currently. The telecommunication services provided in Australia are better than most of the nations in the world and the technology is developing at a fast pace everyday.
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